The Bob Ingelse Friend of Christian Education Award Archive

“Our community’s highest honor, The Bob Ingelse Friend of Christian Education Award is annually given to individuals who are representations of our school’s Core Values:

  • Pursues Academic Excellence
  • Develops the Christian Mind
  • Cultivates Spiritual Growth
  • Encourages Biblical Self-Image
  • Builds Strong Social Bonds
  • Involves the Supporting Community
  • Serves the Greater Community”

This award is annually given to a community member at our spring meeting of the Association of Sheboygan Christian School.

Archive of Award Winners


Bob Ingelse

The inaugural award was, of course, given to its namesake, Mr. Bob Ingelse. Mr. Ingelse has devoted countless volunteer hours and his unique facility management expertise over decades of time. It’s not at all uncommon for people within our community to assume that Bob is an SCS employee because he’s such a constant presence on campus. He is the living embodiment of our core value “Serving the Greater Community.”



TenHoor Family

Over several decades, the TenHoor family has collectively devoted countless volunteer hours and their unique technology expertise. Their time, talent, and expertise have saved our school hundreds of thousands of dollars and allowed our technology program to thrive. Faculty, staff, and students enjoy an excellent, safe technology experience that seems to magically just appear. But it’s not magic- it’s the TenHoors!



Laureen Leo

As if if full career of working at SCS and regular volunteering at Good as New wasn’t enough, now Laureen Leo regularly volunteers to support our educational program! It’s a lifetime of commitment to SCS! Laureen believes in the students when they do not believe in themselves. She is incredibly patient, devoted, and determined to develop the math minds of our students.