Discovery Term

Discovery Term 2025 is coming!

January 2, 3, and 6-8, 2025 SCS will provide opportunities for all students to choose from many different curricular offerings that are not normally covered in the high school curriculum. Discovery Term will engage participants in a five day learning experience, allowing them to choose two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, focusing on a variety of topics. Several offerings are off campus, three of which are trips to Atlanta, New Mexico, and Costa Rica.

Through Discovery Term, it is our deep hope that, whether in work or play, we will discover the magnitude of God’s sovereignty over every square inch of His creation.

2025 Course Offerings


We are pleased to share the upcoming 2025 Discovery Term Trips

Esparza in Costa Rica

8-10 Students will have opportunities in Costa Rica to enjoy God’s beautiful creation, to discover a new culture and be servant workers as they help get the camp grounds ready and minister to children at camp through work and play. Our team, consisting of Spanish III and IV students will be heading to Costa Rica on a mission trip to serve at Camp Penuel. The camp’s mission is centered on providing a camping experience for 7–11-year-olds while learning of the love of Jesus. We will work with missionaries Paul and Thelma Bernhagen who have been leading these camps for over 20 years. Students will have the opportunity to practice their Spanish skills with counselors and campers and help with projects like painting, planting, cleaning, light maintenance, or even a farm project depending on the needs of the camp and team member’s skills. During camp our team members will also help with skits, songs, sports and workshops.

Cost: $1,750

Faculty Sponsor: Señor Engels

Zuni and Rehoboth, New Mexico

This trip is about discovery. 10 students will be heading to Rehoboth and Zuni, New Mexico to commune with our brothers and sister in Christ. Many of the students are Native and come from a very different culture than our own. While there we will be serving at the preK-8 mission school. While other days we will be shadowing High school students at Rehoboth Christian School. This will give students the opportunity to connect with other Christians their own age that come from different cultures and expand their understanding of the body of Christ. We will also go on several excursions in the area to learn about the land and history of the area. We will be working and playing within a culture that is vastly different to ours, but still within the context of Reformed Christianity. We will be discovering the sovereignty of God over all people and locations.

Cost: $850

Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Engbers


On this Discovery trip to Atlanta Georgia, 12-13 SCS students will have the opportunity to step out of their comfort zones and serve alongside each other and the ministry, 7 Bridges to Recovery as they work to carry out their mission, “… to rescue our brothers and sisters off the streets and help them break the binds of homelessness, alcohol, drugs, sexual addictions, prostitution, and abuse…”. We will draw a connection between this work and what we are called to do in Isaiah 58: 6-7 which reads, “Is this not the fast that I have chosen: To loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, to let the oppressed go free, and that you break every yoke? Is it not to share your bread with the hungry, and that you bring to your house the poor who are cast out; when you see the naked, that you cover him, and not hide yourself from your own flesh?” My prayer is that the Lord would work in the hearts of the students on this trip and change their perspective and their hearts – that they would understand God’s love for all people. I want students to come back with a desire to serve those suffering from homelessness in our own community here in Sheboygan county.

Cost: $300

Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Hendrikse

2024 Course Offerings


7 Bridges Mission Trip to Atlanta, Georgia – Mr. Chris Hendrikse

On this trip, students will work alongside the mission 7 Bridges to Recovery. Students will make 200 to 300 lunches per day and go out on roads, under bridges, and in high poverty areas handing out lunches and praying with people. When not en route, students will be helping the men at the ministry do work loading trucks, sorting boxes, folding clothes, etc.. Throughout each day, there will be time for debriefing and reflection as students engage in this life-changing work.

Cost: $250

Chicago Trip – Mr. Jonathan Engbers

We will be going to Chicago and serving on the westside. This service is needs based and could include anything from preparing and serving in a soup kitchen to painting the interior of somebody’s house. 

Cost: $400

Costa Rica Mission Trip – Señor Juan Engels

Our team, consisting of Spanish III and IV students, is heading to Costa Rica on a mission trip December 29-January 5 to serve at Christian Camp Penuel in Esparza, Costa Rica. We will work with children ages 7-11 with a special focus on giving the kids an opportunity to hear and learn about Jesus.

Morning Courses

Exploring the Trades – Mrs. Amanda Hildebrand

This course is designed to provide students with comprehensive information and insights into various careers within the trade industry. God’s perfect design includes the blessing of work. We will explore the many career options of skilled and hands-on professions, such as plumbing, electrical work, welding, automotive repair, and others. 

Investments 101: How to Make Your Piggy Bank 10x Bigger – Mr. Eric Grasse

We will learn  the basics of how investments work and things that can be done now to start building a portfolio for the future.

Sign Language & Worship Songs – Ms. Alyssa Pasiewicz

Interested in learning sign language and how to use it to worship our great God!? This year we will be exploring basic signs to hold conversations and also some worship songs! 

Fit to be Thai’d – Pastor Dave Veldhorst

We will consider three things that are meant to be tied: Food, Relationships, and Running Shoes. We will make Thai food together and talk about the beauty of how Thai food integrates sour, spicy, salty, and sweet into unique foods. We will talk about how the gospel enables us to live in relationships “tied together’. We will look at some of the great stories of running and the joy found in running. 

The Amazing Brain – Mrs. Angela Wessels

What is quite possibly the most complex machine in the entire universe? Your brain! This course will help you appreciate how incredible the human brain is. We will cover some anatomy and physiology, explore the stress response and ways to lower stress, learn more about our individual personalities, find out how our daily lives influence our brains in a variety of ways, and even see the brain’s own electrical system in action.

Officer You’re Not Going to Believe This, But . . . – Mr. Nathan Wright

This will still not be the normal Discovery Term Course. This course will focus on different aspects of law enforcement including traffic stops, drunk driving, crashes, civil unrest, SWAT, active attack events, ethics, and leadership. If there is a question that you always wanted to ask a police officer, now is your chance. We will also dive into how the media and Hollywood are inaccurate at best with their depiction of police. Toss in some firearms safety tips and a bunch of life lessons and you end up with a unique Discovery Term Course. **Disclaimer** This course will deal with content that may be disturbing to some people.

College Prep 101 – Mrs. Jenna Ege & Mrs. Betsy Warmus

During College Prep 101, we will explore all things College! We will start from the beginning and learn the best way to research colleges. We will talk about campus visits and even visit some of our local colleges. We will discuss the admissions process and how to apply to college. We will practice writing college admission essays and also discuss how to pay for college. Lastly, we will talk about what to expect in college and have a panel of alumni and current college students come in to share their experiences and answer questions! This will be your time to dive into college exploration and get all of your questions answered!

Brazilian Drumming – Mrs. Hannah Garside & Ms. Janna VandenBrink

Olá budding musicians! In this course, students will discover a new musical world in the form of Brazilian Drumming. We will look at the culture of Brazil, discover the origin of Brazilian Drumming, listen to many different examples and genres of Brazilian music, and of course, learn a few different Brazilian drumming styles. This course will encourage you to get out of your comfort zone, try new things (like singing and dancing!), and enjoy God’s amazing gift of music!

Spreadsheets 101 – Mr. Joe Abe

Ever wanted to make a personal budget? How about comparing your favorite athletes’ stats? Especially if you want to pursue a career in business, this class is for you. Students will understand the basic and intermediate use of spreadsheets via Google Sheets. We’ll explore basic navigation, formatting, formulas and analysis to answer complex questions like those posed in this description. Students will be expected to come up with a big analytical question to answer relevant to their lives and apply concepts learned during class to answer it.

Building & Engraving – Mr. Greg Ingelse & Mr. Joe Horvath

No information available for this course

An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence – Mr. John Andringa

What is AL and how is it going to change the world? How does it work? How can I use it? This project-based class will try to answer those questions and more as we try to solve problems with AI.

Intro to Digital Photography – Mr. Matt Seider

Come learn and practice the art of photography. Discover how to tell a story with a photo and communicate joy, despair, hope, pain, and much more with a single image. This class will show you how to use a DSLR camera and advanced photo settings on most phone cameras. A DSLR camera is recommended although it is not required. You will learn the fundamentals of photo composition and technique as we seek to view God’s creation from a new perspective. Sign up and discover why great photos are not merely “taken,” they are created.

Afternoon Courses

Serving Pine Haven – Mr. Brian Whartnaby

Pine Haven Christian Communities has been serving Sheboygan County’s elderly population since 1950. Their residents and staff are valuable members of the Church, although many of us do not go out of our way to spend time with them as much as we could. This course has a simple goal. Spend time with, and serve the residents and staff of Pine Haven in whatever capacity they need! We seek a joyful experience for both the residents and staff of Pine Haven, and for our SCS students who could potentially glean so much spiritual and practical knowledge from our community’s elderly saints. 

Creative Writing – Ms. Lindsay Brown 

Creative writing is about play: playing with words, playing with characters, and playing with situations. So, in Creative Writing, we’ll be playing a lot, using provoking discussions, silly activities, and odd writing prompts. In addition, we’ll be writing a lot. You’ll write multiple drafts of short stories and poems, engage in self- and peer-feedback, and evaluate real authors’ processes and work. But, most importantly, for a lot of creative writing, you’re in charge. You get to decide how your piece turns out. There’s power there.

Fee: $7

Cooking- Food and Fellowship – Mr. Joel Navis

You are becoming a young adult, soon you’ll be out in the world on your own. That doesn’t mean you can’t eat well! There’s more to life than just Raman! In this course, you’ll learn budget friendly cooking as well as how to entertain a crowd with food and faith-filled fellowship. (We are unable to accommodate any food allergies.) 

Fee: $25

CSI: Intro to Forensic Science – Mrs. Rochelle Doornbos

Have you ever wanted to be a detective? Fascinated by crime shows? Forensic science is the application of many other sciences, including biology, chemistry, physics, and psychology. This Discovery Term course will have us exploring forensic science basics and working to gather evidence and solve mysteries.

Woodworking/Home Decor – Mrs. Tricia Hendrikse & Mrs. Celeste Fintelman

Join Mrs Fintelman and Mrs Hendricks in the workshop! Mrs Fintelman will guide us on how to design and carve your own block print logo for projects. Mrs Hendricks will guide us on how to safely use tools to create wood projects. The class will include time to get to know and try the many tools of a workshop. We will also learn to carve and design your own block print, make wood projects of your choosing, make or refinish another project for the SCS auction, and if time allows, make more creations! 

Fee: $10

Winter Sports – Mr. Rudi Gesch

Hosted by Scott and John Warmus, and Rudi Gesch, this Discovery Term course will expose up to 15 SCHS students to a range of wintertime sports. Daily off-campus courses include: Hiking, Bowling, Curling, Broomball, and Downhill Skiing/Snowboarding.

Cost: approx. $125

Sewing – Mrs. Kelly Ritsman

Have you ever wanted to make your own clothes? Do you want to create accessories or cozy up in a blanket of your own making? Join us in Intro to Sewing and learn the basics of sewing. We will sew buttons, repair tears, learn to use a sewing machine, and create something you can take home and enjoy.

Beyond Beauty – Mrs. Allison Otte

In the Beyond Beauty class students will learn how they were created with their own uniquenesses. We will practice self care in the form of skin care, hair care and exploring God’s Word. We will research industry trends and how we as Christians can respond. Students will further technical skills in hair styling, makeup and nail painting. *It is encouraged to bring hair tools and makeup kits.

Fee- $10

Faith & Fitness – Ms. Michelle Bustamante

In this course we will have physical activities each day such as strength workouts, gym games/sports, swimming, and some gymnastics. Our body is God’s temple, and we have a job to keep it well and healthy. Throughout our week  we’ll learn and see by challenging our bodies physically and mentally, just how much we can actually grow closer to understanding God spiritually. 

Making a Puzzle Cube: Intro to Engineering – Mr. Steve Kiel

Design and make an actual Puzzle Cube: No experience needed!

The Middle East in Turmoil – Again – Mr. Kevin Gesch

Dome of the Rock. Ramallah. Jerusalem. Gaza Strip. Hamas. Islam. Golan Heights. West Bank. Sinai. Tel Aviv. islamic Jihad. Hezbollah. Knesset. Join this class to gain a beginning of an inkling of an introduction to a start of a hint of understanding of the continuing conflicts in the Middel East. We will begin, more or less, at the dawn of the 20th century. Most importantly, we’ll ask tough questions about what biblical, political justice might look like in this hotbed of turmoil for the last 4,000 years.

Short Films – Mr. Dillan De Jong

Everyone enjoys watching a good movie, but have you ever through about what it takes to make one? In this course, you will work together with a team to write, film, edit, and produce your very own short film. Experience with a camera is helpful, but not at all required. If you have any interest in creating videos, storytelling, or acting, then this class is for you!

Photo Gallery from Previous Discovery Terms

2024 Schedule

Worship7:45 – 8:05 AM7:45 – 8:05 AM7:45 – 8:05 AM
Share-Out8:05 – 8:10 AM8:05 – 8:10 AM8:05 – 8:10 AM
Morning Session8:15 – 11:20 AM7:45 – 10:45 AM8:15 – 11:20 AM8:15 – 11:20 AM
Lunch11:20 – 11:55 AM10:45 – 11:20 AM11:20 – 11:55 AM11:20 – 11:55 AM
Afternoon Session12:00 – 3:05 PM11:23 – 2:20 PM12:00 – 3:05 PM12:00 – 3:05 PM

2024 Assembly

During the Discovery Term Assembly, students will be introduced to all Discovery Term course offerings.

The Discovery Term Assembly will take place on Monday, November 13.

2024 Enrollment

Students taking courses must sign up for one morning course and one afternoon course. Students may not repeat a Discovery Term course unless granted permission by the principal.

Some classes tend to be more rigorous in nature, while other classes may be more hands-on and experiential. 

Students and parents must read course descriptions carefully to understand prerequisites, fees, and expectations.

Sign-ups will be done on SignUpGenius.  You will receive an email invitation when it is your class’ turn to sign up.  Early sign-ups or sign-ups by someone else are NOT allowed.  More information on sign-up will be shared at the assembly on Nov. 13.

2024 Attendance

Because each class meets only four times, attendance is required. Students who miss excessive classes may not pass the class. Each circumstance will be considered on an individual basis.

Students involved in extracurricular activities must choose a Discovery Term schedule that doesn’t interfere with their commitments. Students should see a coach or administrator with questions.

2024 Credits & Grades

All morning and afternoon courses receive a pass/fail grade which will be placed on students’ transcripts.

2024 Instruction

Guest instructors from the community join SCS staff to teach Discovery Term courses. Small classes in three-hour blocks provide unique opportunities for instruction. Many courses include service learning or hands-on, project-based experiences that cannot happen in a normal school day. Other courses are team-taught and take place partially or entirely off-campus.


Why is Discovery Term a good fit for SCS?

Expands student horizons

Teachers teach to their passions

Has potential for a different learning experience

Provides closer student/teacher relationships

How are Discovery Term courses different from regular classes?

The day is split into two, three-hour courses that immerse students in an amplified learning experience.

They take place both inside and outside the classroom.

How does Discovery Term impact the school calendar?

First semester exmas will be completed before Christmas vacation, avoiding an awkward scheduled with exams two weeks after an extended Christmas break

Are Discovery Term courses free?

Many classes are free of charge. Some classes include an additional fee to cover materials and costs. All Trip courses have expenses. All fees are the responsibility of the SCHS family.

Is Discovery Term required? Graded?

Discovery Term is required for all HS students. Students will receive a pass/fail grade.

How can I get involved in Discovery Term?

Community partnerships are very important to SCS and to Discovery Term.  If you are interested in teaching a Discovery Term course, please contact the school.