Tuition & Fees

A Christian education at SCS is an investment in your child’s academic and spiritual growth. We strive to keep the cost of tuition affordable for all families, so that finances are not a factor when deciding to send your children to SCS.

Affording SCS

Wisconsin Parental Choice Program

SCS participates in the Private School Choice Program. Parents who are eligible for this program may qualify for fully funded tuition at SCS for students in grades 4k-12th grade!

Eligibility is based on income, location, and more. The application period for this program is between February 1 – April 15.

Curious to see if your family would qualify for this amazing program? Complete our helpful survey!

SCS/FACTS Tuition Assistance Grant

Once you’ve applied to SCS for enrollment, you may apply for tuition assistance online via FACTS Grant and Aid. FACTS is an independent, third party company that conducts financial analysis to determine a family’s financial need.

Award decisions are made by SCS based on the FACTS recommendation and funds available. Please be sure to comply with our May 31st priority deadline. You can learn more here before applying below.

Tuition 2021-2022

Early Childhood Programs

Full Year Tuition 12 Monthly Payments (July-June)
3-Year Old Kindergarten$1,925 $160.42
4-Year Old Kindergarten$2,570 $214.17
Extended Care$4.45 per hour*
* Only quarterly payments will be accepted for Extended Care

Elementary and Middle School (K-8)

Full Year Tuition12 Monthly Payments (July-June)
1 Full-time Student$6,910$575.83
2 Full-time Students$12,425$1,035.42
3 Full-time Students$15,100$1,258.33
4 Full-time Students$16,575$1,381.25
5 Full-time Students$18,975$1,581.25
*1/2 Day Kindergarten options available please consult with the Enrollment Office for more info

High School (9-12)

Full Year Tuition12 Monthly Payments (July-June)
Rate per Student$8,840$736.67

Extended Care Program

SCS’s Extended Care Program is offered Monday-Friday, from 7:30am – 5:30pm for 3k-5th grade students enrolled at SCS. The cost is $4.45/hr. Please contact the office at (920) 458-9981 with any questions.