Visual Arts

Our Fine Arts Vision

Students will develop their God-given creative abilities as they reflect him by striving for excellence and glorifying God.

Being made in the image of our creative God, students’ creative abilities and talents are a reflection of Him. In the art classes SCS, students grow in their visual literacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving as they create visual art as a form of communication and expression. Since art is meant to be celebrated and shared, you will see artwork on display throughout the school hallways. Local art shows and competitions are also a venue to celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of the incredible artists at SCS!

Elementary School Level

Students experience a wide variety of tools and materials such as drawing, painting, fiber arts, mixed media, and sculpture as they develop their technical skills and grow in their artistic expression and visual storytelling. Alongside of art-making, students learn art history and art appreciation relating to the various units of study.

Middle School Level

Students develop their technical skills with a variety of tools and materials as they engage in the creative process of planning, creating, and reflecting. Students have the opportunity to explore drawing, painting, sculpture, and design.  Literacy is incorporated into the visual arts by having students write reflections about their artwork.  Students also learn how to critique and self-assess artwork. Students will also learn art history and mathematical concepts, such as perspective, relating to the units of study.

High School Level

Students can choose to take a year-long Introduction to Art course where they explore drawing, painting, sculpture, and design. Semester-long Advanced Art classes are offered to students who are interested in refining their artistic skills in the specific types of media such as drawing, painting, ceramics/sculpture, design, and independent study.