Youth Apprenticeship at Sheboygan Christian School

Discover a private Christian high school that prepares teens for a bright future

As a parent, what does high school mean to you? You look at your teen and imagine all the wonderful possibilities for their future, whether that’s college, career, military, or another path. More than academics, you want a place that will provide opportunities so they can have a clear direction. You’re searching for that school that will truly prepare your teen for God’s special calling in their lives.

At Sheboygan Christian School, that’s exactly what we do! As a private Christian high school in Sheboygan, WI, we partner with families to create a learning environment where teens can explore who they are and what they love to do. Learn more about how students gain real-world experience, receive high school credits, earn an income, and improve their resume for college through our Youth Apprenticeship offering.

What is Youth Apprenticeship?
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Frequently Asked Questions
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What Is Youth Apprenticeship?

Explore how our private high school trains teens for crucial career and life skills

The Youth Apprenticeship (YA) at SCS is an opportunity for juniors and seniors to receive on-the-job training in various career fields. The program is offered through the Cooperative Educational Service Agency 6 (CESA 6), an organization that connects students with dedicated companies offering positions for youth apprentices.

Youth Apprenticeship Benefits

Receive High School Credits

Students can work their way toward graduation by earning credits as they complete their youth apprenticeship.

Get a State Skills Certificate

High schoolers have opportunities to receive state skills certification for various industries, which are valuable in job applications.

Gain Career Experience

Your teen will learn on-the-job competencies by having mentors at work while strengthening their college or career resume.

Earn an Income

Students maximize their time saving up for college or other future plans, and many employers offer salaries for youth apprentices.

What Your Teen Can Expect

Relevant Industries

Through our Youth Apprenticeship opportunity, your teen can have career experience with in-demand industries, such as:

  • Pre-law
  • Accounting
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Trade (electric, plumbing, welding, auto-mechanics)
  • Clinical roles (reception, transcription, nurse assistant)
  • And many more

Many students have progressed in their roles, starting as apprentices, and successfully gained continuous employment after graduation.

Training & Support

Students receive mentorship and expert guidance in their designated workplace. They can also get support through the Youth Apprenticeship Coordinator, who oversees communication between the school and the offsite location.

High schoolers can freely share their experiences and receive advice from our school counselors throughout their journey.

Flexible Schedule

When your teen applies for this program, they’ll also have flexibility with class schedules to head to their work sites.

Students can finish before the typical dismissal times to travel to their apprenticeship locations.

Do you have questions about our high school Youth Apprenticeship at SCS?

We’d love to tell you more about how your teen can benefit from our program! Feel free to contact us at (920) 458-9981 or .

Student Stories

Hear inspiring stories from students who’ve experienced Youth Apprenticeship at SCS

Alaina Holycross

“My YA experience has been awesome! I am learning so much. I’m excited to begin my nursing assistant classes at LTC and how what I will learn as a CNA will impact my current job and help me become a CNA. As a CNA, I will be able to perform some nursing tasks and interact as a member of a healthcare team at the Sheboygan Senior Community. I think it’s truly amazing that I can go from being a Unit Assistant to a CNA in the YA program.”

Joshua Kautzer

“My involvement with YA has been incredibly impactful because I have been able to collaborate with lots of different people and have had the opportunity to shadow varying occupations in the company. This has allowed me to better understand a corporate atmosphere.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful information as you consider the Youth Apprenticeship program for your teen

Who can take the Youth Apprenticeship program?

The program is available for 11th and 12th graders.

How long does the apprenticeship take?

Students can choose to take this program for one to two years, and they can start signing up as an incoming junior or senior.

Can students earn academic credit while being in this program?

Students receive one full academic credit upon completing their Youth Apprenticeship program requirements, which will be added to their transcript.

Where will the students take their apprenticeship?

We have partnered with CESA-6, an organization that connects students with local workplaces that hire youth apprentices. Most of these employment locations are within close driving distance from our school.

Is there an additional cost for students to be part of this program?

There are no additional costs to be part of the Youth Apprenticeship. In fact, your teen can have the potential to earn an income if their chosen industry employer offers compensation!

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

As you search for the right private high school in Sheboygan County, we encourage you to plan a visit to SCS! It’s the best way to learn more about Youth Apprenticeship and other engaging programs while envisioning your teen in our school. Student shadow opportunities are also available.