Explore the Excellence at Sheboygan Christian School’s Private Middle School in Sheboygan, WI

Shaping leaders through formational learning experiences and community

Your child is headed into an important season of learning where many pivotal moments will take place. From gaining more responsibility and independence to finding their voice and growing into their own person, middle schoolers need the right environment to help foster their ever-developing mind, body, and spirit.

At Sheboygan Christian School, our dedicated teachers mentor students academically as well as spiritually through not only the curriculum they teach but how they live. At SCS, your child will cultivate meaningful relationships, develop their gifts and skills, build a solid academic foundation, explore extracurriculars, and more. 

Discover why middle schoolers at Sheboygan Christian become ready and confident for their high school years through:

Christ-centered Culture
Academic Excellence
High School Prep
Valued Safety

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A culture where Christ is at the center

School culture is especially important for middle schoolers as they start to model and listen to their peers and trusted mentors at an increased frequency. You want your child to be in an environment that aligns with your family’s values and reinforces the ideas you are teaching at home. That’s why at SCS, we help middle schoolers with…


We keep regular communication between school and home and help our middle schoolers communicate with their teachers and peers. Like you, we know strong relationships are built through open communication. At SCS, your middle schooler will have access to an app called  “Speak Up/Speak Out,” which allows students to report bullying anonymously.

Connected to Christ

We want to help your child discover their unique, God-given gifts. Whether it’s through reading God’s Word, praying, or worshiping, we strive to teach middle schoolers to stay connected and grow in their relationship with Christ. Your pre-teen will also be able to engage in Bible studies with peers.

Character Development.

Mistakes happen, but at SCS, we use a restorative discipline model based on scripture: apologizing, forgiveness, grace, committing to make things right, and not falling into a cycle. We proactively create a safe place for middle schoolers to become more independent and problem solve through making mistakes, learning from them, and growing.


Not only do we build community within our school but also with local pastors and organizations through volunteering, prayer, and encouragement. Your middle schooler will be able to partner with local community organizations, including the Salvation Army, Anchor of Hope, and Teen MOPS.

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Our kids are thriving in middle school! They actually enjoy school and feel very connected to both their peers and their teachers. That certainly wasn’t the case for my middle school experience, but SCS must be doing something right! Coupling that environment with excellent academics and our Christian faith values being reinforced at school, we are very pleased.

-SCS Middle School Parent

Academic Excellence

As a parent, you want your child to have a fun and meaningful middle school experience. At the same time, you want them to be prepared for high school, college, and beyond. At SCS, we commit to academic excellence and create an environment that fosters growth. We do this by implementing project-based learning, workshops, peer collaboration, and inquiry-based approach to solving problems. 

Your pre-teen will not only take core classes in Bible, English, math, science, social studies, fine arts, PE, and applied technology but will also have S.T.E.A.M. integrated curriculum and additional opportunities in speech, spelling, choir, band. With small class sizes, 1:1 Chromebooks, and smartboards in each classroom, we equip your pre-teen with the resources they need to build success.

Mentorship Opportunities

Middle schoolers  have opportunities to lead through B1 groups, which are spiritual growth groups for grades K-8. 8th-grade students serve as B1 leaders and assist younger students during weekly chapel and prayer and serve as an example through their faith and actions. Teachers help oversee these groups to mentor and nurture middle schoolers as they develop leadership abilities. 

Exploratory Clubs

It can be exciting (and sometimes a little intimidating!) for middle schoolers to explore new interests and develop passions. At SCS, we want each child to have every opportunity to discover their own unique God-given talents and feel supported along the way. We offer Destination Imagination, forensics, speech, spelling, solo, ensemble, the Bible Bowl, woodworking, foods, ukulele, a Rubik’s Cube club, and other exploratories which change each year.

Exceptional Athletics

When your pre-teen competes in athletics, they will learn more than just a sport. SCS student athletes grow in stature, teamwork, collaboration, self-confidence, good sportsmanship, commitment, and character. Over 65% of our middle school students compete in a sport, and every student who wants to be a member of a team will have playing time. Our teams include soccer, basketball, football, volleyball, and track and field.


A Foundation for Success

In middle school, good study habits, goal setting, and grades start to matter more. With high school only a few short years away, it’s important to help your child understand how their hard work now will help them achieve more later — in high school, college, and career.  

We help middle schoolers cast a vision for their future through:

Advisory Program

In addition to meeting one-on-one with their teachers, your middle schooler will have access to our Academic and Career Planning. Students meet weekly with guidance counselors to explore opportunities in high school and beyond. School counselors also help middle school students with exploratory life skills classes.

Fostered Responsibility

Encouraging and empowering students to take appropriate initiative in decision-making helps our students thrive. In class, students will see how teachers ask questions, allowing in-depth discussion on important topics. Teachers foster leadership skills and build responsibility in the classroom. In addition to leadership opportunities in the classroom, middle schoolers may join student council to grow in leadership and gain additional responsibility.

Spiritual Development

Spiritual development helps our students see that they’re more than just students; they are citizens and ambassadors for the kingdom of God. Teaching for Transformation equips our teachers to incorporate scripture in learning and to guide your child to take action, live out their faith in everything they do, and be the hands and feet of Christ in and outside their school experience.

A Safe Place to Learn and Grow


Families come to SCS from Sheboygan, Plymouth, Sheboygan Falls, Oostburg, Cedar Grove, and Howards Grove. On our campus, you’ll find we prioritize safety. Our new middle school pod features a student commons and includes four safe and locked classrooms and one brand new science lab. We keep our campus secure and incorporate drills during the year so that if an emergency arises, our staff know what to do. Everyone who comes in contact with your child is background checked. We want to foster an environment where students feel safe.

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