Students will develop their God-given creative abilities as they reflect him by striving for excellence and glorifying God.

Sheboygan Christian School offers students the opportunity to be a part of history in the form of creating our yearbook. Throughout the year our yearbook staff documents all aspects of high school life. Staff members can choose between photography, layout design, journalism, or a combination of all three!

Excellence is our highest goal in yearbook. Our staff strives to demonstrate that we are working for the Lord and not for men (Colossians 3:23). Since there are high expectations, there are also different levels of involvement. Students can choose a low commitment of a general staff member with monthly assignments all the way up to a high level commitment of an editor who has weekly assignments. Editors are eligible for academic credit due to the rigor of their workload.

Yearbook teaches skills such as time management, personal drive, and working as a team in order to produce a quality book that will capture the memories of high school for every student.

In 2015 Mrs. Meyer took leadership of the yearbook staff. Since that time, Sheboygan Christian School has received the Jostens’ Yearbook of Excellence Award all but the last two years, and in 2018  our Editor-in-Chief, Emelia Koehler, received a scholarship from Jostens for her leadership on our team.