Building Hearts and Minds

P-12 Unified Campus

An Unprecedented Project Requires Unprecedented Support

We are currently embarking on the biggest building project in the history of Sheboygan Christian School. And we’re all in. We have campaign contributions from:

  • 100% of the Capital Campaign Steering Committee
  • 100% of the Board of Trustees
  • 100% of the Administration
  • 100% of the Faculty & Staff

This is the public phase of the Capital Campaign. We’re hoping to raise $1.5 Million through this phase- the biggest community fundraising goal in the history of our school.

While this is a huge goal, it’s also imminently doable. In fact, if 100% of our school community would contribute only $1/day for the next 3 years, we would have enough to hit our goal. If everyone in our community contributed $3/day for the next 3 years, we would have enough to fund the entire building project!

We’re all in. Are you?

$1/day from everyone in our community raises $1.5 Million. $3/day funds the entire campaign!

Construction Progress

Monthly Drone Video Construction Progress Updates




Construction Cams