Experience Excellence and Values at Sheboygan Christian School’s Elementary Education

The elementary years have a tremendous impact on your child’s learning journey.

Between grades K-5,  students build a foundation for future academics, develop strong character, and begin to explore personal interests and passions.

It’s a time of rapid growth and development. From learning to read and write to developing independent study habits, elementary school is a transformative time.

With so much growth on the horizon, you are looking for a learning environment where your child will receive personalized attention and be surrounded by a positive, Christ-centered community. You understand that where your child learns and how they learn matters — especially during these critical years. Everything we do in elementary school at Sheboygan Christian School is designed to help students flourish academically, socially, and spiritually.

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At Sheboygan Christian,

small class sizes and intentionally designed academic pods maximize every student’s learning potential. Our enrollment is capped annually to ensure that teachers have an optimal number of students to foster both collaborative learning and individualized attention. Elementary classes have no more than 20 students.

As students progress in their studies, academic pods (introduced in third grade) allow for learning from multiple teachers a day with deep focus in their area of expertise. Students rotate to different classrooms within the same pod, which provides a sense of consistency while enhancing learning and providing a multi-year runway to build relationships. This approach also fosters a seamless transition to middle school.

While students are exposed to many different subject areas, there is a common theme at Sheboygan Christian — all learning incorporates biblical truth and inspires students to grow in their faith. We refer to this as Teaching for Transformation. From developing the characteristics of successful learners to providing foundational learning experiences that meet tangible needs, our students are empowered to change the world.

Sheboygan Christian School offers preschool through grade 12 on one safe campus.

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“My son went from hating school because he couldn’t understand things and never got the help needed at his former school, to wanting to be the first kid at school every morning at SCS.”

-Ashley, Elementary Parent

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Searching for the Best Elementary School for Your Child in Sheboygan, WI? 

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School Days Filled with Learning & Fun

Our experienced and passionate elementary school teachers design lessons that are inspiring and developmentally appropriate.

Experiential learning promotes a deeper understanding of the curriculum and keeps students engaged. From math to music, we incorporate truth from Scripture, encouraging our students to develop a biblical worldview.

At the elementary level, our core subject areas include:

  • Bible
  • Math
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • STEM

Specials and extracurricular opportunities include:

  • Music
  • Spanish
  • Art
  • PE
  • Library
  • Band/Orchestra (beginning in fifth grade)
  • Art Club
  • Dance Team
  • Junior Eagles Athletics (soccer, volleyball, and basketball offered at the elementary level)

Before and after-school care:

  • Available to elementary school families for an additional fee.
  • Students may be dropped off as early as 7:30 and picked up by 5:30.

Modern Learning Spaces for Active Learners

We incorporate technology in a meaningful way, encouraging elementary schoolers to develop skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration. Our MakerSpace allows students to innovate and work with their hands as they develop their own ideas and inventions. Every classroom is equipped with modern generation smart boards and Chromebooks. Digital safety is a top priority, and technology is always integrated in an intentional and supervised way.

Individualized Attention & Support

No two children learn in the same way or at the same pace, which is why we’re committed to meeting the needs of all of our students through specialized programs and support. Whether your child needs special education accommodations for a documented learning disability, or needs to be challenged with accelerated learning, they will receive the individualized attention they need at Sheboygan Christian.

A Safe Environment

As a parent, your child’s safety at school is a top concern. Built in 2021, our school was designed and constructed with security in mind. Our student safety director coordinates regular training and drills to ensure we are prepared for any situation. We also recognize the importance of emotional safety. Two counselors work proactively with elementary students to ensure students are finding friends, learning to problem-solve, and demonstrating Christlike character.


Jenny Engals


  • Master of Education, Curriculum & Instruction
  • Bachelor of Science, Elementary Education
  • National Board Certification, Middle Childhood Development
  • Teaching Experience: 21 Years

Teaching Experience

  • 21 Years

“My favorite thing about teaching is building relationships with students.

When children feel valued, loved, and truly seen, they are more likely to invest in their own learning. It is a joy to nurture students’  unique interests and gifts, and help them see their roles in God’s big story.

So much of my world revolves around education: my husband is a teacher, many of my close friends are teachers, and my own kids are also here at Sheboygan Christian. I love being immersed in a community of dedicated educators who share my passion and help me grow.

Even outside of school, I am always learning. From reading children’s books to studying the latest education research, I am constantly looking for other ways to improve my instruction. Teaching isn’t just what I do; it’s a huge part of who I am.”


  • Master of Education, Curriculum & Instruction
  • Bachelor of Science, Elementary Education
  • National Board Certification, Middle Childhood Development

Teaching Experience

  • 21 Years

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