Why SCS?

Top 10 Reasons Why SCS Families Love Our School Community

1. Christian Worldview

SCS is not a public school plus a Bible class. At SCS, God’s Word permeates everything we do: classroom instruction, student interaction, conflict resolution and joyful celebration. Our goal is to prepare students’ hearts and minds for service in God’s world, beginning with how they view it.

2. Academic Excellence

From PreK-12th grade, each SCS student is encouraged to explore, understand, and delight in God’s kingdom, in an environment that is both academically challenging and developmentally appropriate. We strive to equip and empower our students to view themselves as life-long learners.

3. Safe Environment

SCS provides an environment that is both physically and emotionally safe for your child. We offer secure campuses and trained staff, creating a safe and loving space for learning and growth.

4. Amazing Faculty

Our faculty is highly qualified and incredibly caring, working toward the development and growth of the whole child. SCS teachers care about more than just academics. We care about the heart. We strive to raise scholars who are disciples of Jesus Christ and citizens for His service.

5. Christian Community

One of our biggest strengths is our community! There are endless opportunities for us to come together in service, worship, and celebration, as we support our children and each other. SCS is truly a family!

6. Comprehensive PreK-12 Program

Our unified PreK-12 campus isn’t just convenient. It gives us the ability to provide a cohesive, intentional and holistic education for your child. SCS teachers of all grade levels collaborate on curriculum, strategies, and resources to provide continuity and growth throughout your child’s learning years.

7. Extra Curricular Opportunities

SCS provides a wide range of extra curricular opportunities in arts and athletics, giving students a platform to develop skills, build confidence and form friendships, all to the glory of God.

8. Preparation for the Future

SCS prepares students for life beyond our halls. Our stats boast of excellent college and career readiness. Our alumni testify that the years spent at SCS have equipped them well in all areas of life, both professional and personal.

9. Positive Peer Relationships

At SCS we see each student as a valuable member of God’s family! Every day we nurture positive peer relationships as students come together in academic, service, and social environments.

10. Partnership between Home and School

A strong partnership between home and school sets students up for success! At SCS, we strive to carry the lessons and values you teach at home into the classroom. Administration, teachers and parents work together to raise up students who will impact the world for Jesus Christ.