Enrollment Process & Current Availability

Enrollment interest in Sheboygan Christian School is at an all time high. This is exciting for our school community, but can also present some unique challenges for families interested in pursuing enrollment at our school. Our Board of Trustees’ strategic plan limits school growth to 2 sections per grade level (PreK3 – 8). School policy limits classroom capacity at each grade level to ensure all students receive the individualized attention they deserve.

First thing’s first: time to apply for enrollment!

Completed Application Needed

Please Note: to be considered for acceptance at Sheboygan Christian School, all applicants must complete the entire application process including:

  • Online application form
  • Campus visit with Admissions Team Member
  • Academic documentation (report card, IEP/504 Plan, special educator questionnaire, academic assessment, etc where applicable)
  • Pastor recommendation form

So, how do we navigate maintaining the mission of the school while also responding to this record enrollment interest? Transparent enrollment status communication! Please see below for the enrollment status of each of our grade levels and next steps you can take.

Transparent Enrollment Status Communication

23-24 School Year Enrollment Status By Grade

Grade LevelCurrent Enrollment Status (as of 3/24/23)
PreK 3Seats Available
PreK 4At Capacity – Waitpool
KAt Capacity – Waitpool
1stAt Capacity – Waitpool
2ndLimited Seats Available – Deferred
3rdAt Capacity – Waitpool
4thSeats Available
5thLimited Seats Available – Deferred
6thSeats Available
7thAt Capacity – Waitpool
8thSeats Available
9thSeats Available
10thSeats Available
11thSeats Available
12thSeats Available

Next Steps

There are seats available in my child’s grade level. What do I do next?


There are limited seats available in my child’s grade level. The enrollment decision is deferred. What do I do next?


What are deferred enrollment decisions?

Historically, SCS enrollment decisions have been made on a first-come, first serve basis. Due to the large amount of interested families, certain grade levels may exercise deferred enrollment decisions.

Deferred enrollment decisions take place when a grade level has limited available seats, but overwhelming interest for those seats. In such instances, SCS may employ deferred enrollment decisions to a later date in the enrollment calendar. This gives school administration time to assess the following:

  • Current student retention
  • Classroom needs
  • Teacher support services

**Enrollment is not guaranteed for applicant students whose enrollment decision is deferred.

What does this mean for my child?

The grade level you are interested in may have a deferred enrollment decision. We encourage you to apply for enrollment with the understanding that your enrollment decision may not take place until a later date.

My child’s grade level is at capacity. There is a waitpool. What do I do next?



When applications for enrollment at SCS exceed board approved classroom capacity and are listed as “At Capacity” in the chart above, accepted students may be placed in a waitpool. Please note that this is a waitpool (as contrasted with waitlist). Accepted students will not be offered enrollment on a “first-come, first served” basis. Accepted students will be offered enrollment as space becomes available based upon the following priority hierarchy:

Priority Hierarchy

  1. Children of Faculty and Staff
  2. Siblings of currently enrolled SCS families
  3. Siblings of new applicant students
  4. New applicants

**Enrollment is not guaranteed for applicant students placed in waitpools.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Admissions team at admissions@sheboyganchristian.com.


When can we apply to SCS?

From September 15-30, siblings of current students have priority for new enrollments. Open enrollment begins October 1 and continues until we reach capacity. 

If my child’s grade has a waitpool, what are the chances they’ll get in?

It’s always our goal to enroll as many students on our waitpool as possible. While we can’t guarantee a seat will open, we do encourage you to complete the application process to be considered.

If my child is on the waitpool, how will you stay in touch with me?

If a seat opens for your child, we’ll contact you via email as soon as possible to move you forward in the application process.