The SCS SCRIP program is a great way to help lower your tuition payments and raise funds for school. You do not have to purchase anything you do not already use!  If you are buying gas for your cars or groceries for your family, SCRIP will definitely work to your advantage. Simply purchase gift cards from school for the face value of the card. You then use that card just as you would cash.  The businesses donate a percentage of that card value back to school and a portion of that is applied directly to your tuition account.  Percentages range from 2% to 16% (or more). We have gift cards from several local businesses on hand in the office SCRIP store at each campus. To see a complete list click here.

You can also order SCRIP online where you can find an even wider variety of vendors!  Simply follow these step-by-step instructions to set up your online account.  Please email with any questions. Thank you for your support!

If you have any questions contact Angie 920-889-0424 or Anne 616-558-3248.

Summer Scrip

Scrip will not be available at the school office over the summer, but it will be available for purchase at the homes of our Scrip committee! Please contact Angie (920-889-0424) or Anne (616-558-3248) to arrange your purchase.

Summer Order and Pick Up Dates

  • Order Due: June 25
  • Pick Up: July 2
  • Order Due: July 30
  • Pick Up: August 6

Anne and Angie will contact you to arrange pick up of your order. Thank you for supporting SCS!