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As a parent, having your teen in the right school, surrounded by a supportive community, plays a huge role in their academic achievement, social development, and character development. You want your high schooler to be prepared and confident for college, career, and the future God has for them.

Sheboygan Christian School provides college prep and vocational learning with a Christ-centered approach. Our well-rounded and biblical curriculum is taught by highly qualified and caring teachers making students feel seen and known as they help cultivate spiritual growth. High schoolers practice relationship building with others in our community as they engage in extracurricular and service opportunities. Below you’ll find a brief overview of what your high schooler can expect at Sheboygan Christian:

Academic Readiness
College & Career Prep
School Environment

Academic Readiness

Through hands-on, project-based learning, your teen will explore core subjects, and complete a Bible portfolio and capstone project. They will be able to pursue courses that interest them while discovering new strengths and passions.

SCS students challenge themselves to grow in a number of ways, including:

  • Dual-enrollment courses — up to 32 college credits
  • 7 AP courses
  • Vocational and computer science programs
  • Technical education courses 
  • STEM courses
  • A rigorous writing program

Spiritual Cultivation


Academic content is purposefully integrated with scripture and Christian worldview through Teaching for Transformation. High schoolers receive spiritual cultivation as they engage with the material, ultimately shaping them to be disciples who impact the world for Christ. Weekly student-led chapels, daily prayer, and devotions help our students understand their role as citizens of heaven and ambassadors for the kingdom of God.

Career Planning and Youth Apprenticeship

SCS’s Academic and Career Planning program equips your teen for service in God’s world. Your teen will follow a self-paced academic and career planning curriculum, go through the Strengthsfinder process, and take field trips to Lakeshore Technical College and Lakeland University to explore career pathways. 

Our Youth Apprenticeship program, which offers paid internships in over 12 industries, assists students in getting on-site training for jobs in trades. We also provide intra-departmental job shadow opportunities for students looking to explore a career working with children, allowing your high schooler to aid in preschool or elementary classrooms.

Discovery Term

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High school students experience a one-week interim and exploratory opportunity. During J-term, your teen can select a one-week course that goes beyond our regular academic course load. Recent options include a mission trip to Atlanta, Let’s Remodel a Basement, Leadership 101, How to Get Hired, and Mosaics. Your teen will be able to gain useful life skills while also getting high school credits.

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College and Career Preparation

It’s no surprise that our graduates are prepared to attend their college of choice. Recent college acceptences have included the Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Minnesota, and Moody Bible Institute. In the four years your teen is at SCS, we help prepare them for success because like you, we want them to follow the Lord in their calling. Here’s how your teen will be guided down the path that meets their college, career, and life goals.

Freshmen beginning their high school experience receive one-on-one counseling, helping them develop personal learning plans, find their strengths and learning styles, identify interests, and master study skills. Students will set SMART goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound, and formulate a plan to achieve them. In addition, they learn to save money toward financial goals.

Sophomores continue to meet with their counselor, build on their learning plan, and begin achieving SMART goals. During this year, students will take the Myers-Briggs personality test, work on understanding job-seeking essentials, develop work skills, and begin researching and exploring career and college options.

Juniors start preparing for the PSAT and ACT and think more seriously about college, career, or military service. They will continue one-on-one counseling with their advisor to further develop SMART career goals, pursue job shadowing, attend education fairs, and compare colleges.

Seniors research next steps as they pursue their chosen field. During this year they learn about military branches and training, discover how to find and apply for jobs, or narrow a list of colleges. School counselors support college-bound students as they submit college applications, pursue scholarships, apply for FAFSA, and learn budgeting and interview skills.

“The community at SCS is like none other. The people that make up this school are overjoyed to aid you in any aspect of your life. With great sincerity, they journey alongside you as you navigate each and every interesting event that you walk through.”

Emelia Koehler ‘18

A community that’s going to show up for your teen

Your teen will be encouraged to discover and refine their gifts in all areas. At SCS, we help foster students’ relationships with Jesus — helping them learn what it means to be a citizen of heaven and a world-changing citizen on earth. Your teen will experience:

How Christian worldview and principles impact daily living.

At SCS, God’s Word is woven into everything we do, including classroom instruction, student interactions, teacher-student relationships, conflict resolution, and celebrations. We want our students to understand who God is and His place for them in His world.

Positive peer and mentoring relationships.

Your teen will quickly see how we nurture positive peer relationships through academics, service, and social activities. We value and encourage community during high school and beyond.

Personal growth.

At SCS, we foster personal growth by holding students accountable. We honor good choices, develop one-on-one individual check-ins, and encourage them to explore their gifts and talents. We want our students to have the freedom to try new things so they can become the person God intended them to be.

Prioritizing and implementing safety procedures.


In high school, the school environment can impact your teen’s high school experience and chance to build success in what comes next. At SCS, we work diligently to foster community, safety, and security. Our campus is nestled away in the quiet, suburban area of South Sheboygan. To learn more about our specific safety measures, including physical campus security and people safety, please contact our admissions team.

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