Welcome New Board Member: Zachery Rosenthal

Name: Zachery Rosenthal 

Spouse’s Name: Gabrielle Rosenthal 

Church Affiliation: Word of Grace 

Family Information: We have 3 beautiful daughters; ages 15, 11, and 8.

Employment Information: I am employed as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist with Aurora Health Care.

Church/School Activities you are or have been involved with: My wife is the Grace Kids Director at Word of Grace church, so I find myself doing many extra activities there.  In particular, I am involved with the children’s ministry on Sunday mornings and on Wednesday evenings.  We also started up and ran Women’s breakfast for two years (I did the cooking).  

What do you like most about SCS? I love that the school has grown!  In an evangelical sense, it is wonderful that more families can benefit from the blessing that this school is to our community. 

Why did your family choose SCS over other schools? In our growth of life and our faith journey, we have found Christian education to be essential for our children’s lives.  Gabby has homeschooled in the past and that was a rewarding experience.  So as we moved back to Sheboygan and became settled here, we needed to find a school with values that aligned with ours.  I always knew of SCS’s reputation, being a native to Sheboygan.  It was an easy choice to join to seek enrollment here.  The school has been nothing short of excellent.

What do you think is the most important goal for SCS? The most important goal should be that all things point to the Father.  God’s glory needs to be found in the students’ everyday experiences.  Also, decisions pertaining to policy and education should be rooted in biblical wisdom and truth.  

If you could do one thing to increase SCS’ visibility in the community, what would it be? Depending on the overall vision and goal in mind, I would look at options to become involved in other community events, and align with Christian organizations that SCS does not have a current presence with.  This could be something as simple as participating in local corporate fairs, or hosting more events similar to Ed Talks, or other public community seminars.  

Why did you accept the nomination to serve our community on the School Board? I appreciated the request to prayerfully consider applying to be a part of the school board.  It is a great way to be more involved in my children’s education and in the community.