Welcome New Board Member: Scott Warmus

Name: Scott Warmus 

Spouse’s Name: Erica Warmus 

Church Affiliation: Hope Church 

Family Information: Paige, 21, attends UW Stout as a Graphic Design Major. Connor, 17, junior at SCS.

Employment Information: Matchbox LLC

Church/School Activities you are or have been involved with:

  • Church
    • Deacon at Hope Church 
    • Assisted in the Capital Campaign project
    • Assisting with Havens of Hope and Potter’s Place
  • School
    • Currently on the maintenance team assisting with the cleaning of the school
    • JV Soccer Coach
    • One Walk picnic cook and clean-up
    • Christmas Fest set up and clean-up
    • Auction committee member
    • Apple Pies volunteer
    • Chair Team (setting up and down for community and school events)
    • Discovery Term teacher (2024) 
    • Former Board member and President
    • Other volunteer work

What do you like most about SCS? Community…..it is that simple. I never cease to be amazed at the support, the kindness, the generosity of spirit and the willingness to improve the lives of not only the students who attend SCS but the faculty and the community at large.

Why did your family choose SCS over other schools? We wanted to send them to a Christian school, and it was the best fit for our children’s personalities and strengths.

What do you think is the most important goal for SCS? Keep growing and improving. I do not simply mean numbers as we are getting close to maxing that out. What I mean by this is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the students who attend and of the families who are in the community. SCS has a wonderful product, and it should be constantly improved upon to make the school better for more than just the students who currently attend

If you could do one thing to increase SCS’ visibility in the community, what would it be? More community outreach. I would love to see an expansion of the service clubs. I want to see more involvement in the community that we operate in.

Why did you accept the nomination to serve our community on the School Board? If I can help, I will. I am truly not trying to be cute about the answer. If my service on the board can help SCS, I will do it.