The Great Math Teacher Swap of 2024

We have some exciting faculty staffing news to share with our community. We’re making a series of internal staffing changes that we believe will allow us to better fulfill our mission, serve our students, and recruit and retain excellent Christian educators.

The following teachers are excited to use the gifts God has given them as they step into these new roles next fall.

Rachael Bilyk

Moving from teaching middle school math to high school computer science and middle school STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math).

With a science degree, a mathematics teaching certification, and a love for computer science, Rachael brings a passion for STEM programming to SCS. Rachael is excited to step into a leadership role in our expanding STEM and computer science program and continue to help students develop problem solving skills and engage in hands-on learning.

Jen Atkinson

Moving from teaching 5th grade homeroom and math to middle school math

After teaching for twenty-four years at SCS in the fifth grade, Jen is ready to take her years of experience and her drive for excellence to our middle school math classroom.  We feel blessed to be able to add her leadership to our middle school teacher team.

Josh Schouten

Moving from teaching 4th grade homeroom and writing to 5th grade homeroom and math

Josh came to SCS having received a speciality in mathematics from Dordt University. After finishing his first year in our upper elementary team as a writing teacher, Josh is excited to share his love for mathematics and begin to foster that love within his students as well!

These position changes also open up a space for the hiring of a new 4th grade homeroom and writing teacher (stay tuned for an exciting announcement on this very soon!).