Senior Capstone Night of Celebration

The Capstone Night of Celebration is an event our community looks forward to each year! Our community is invited to our campus to walk through all of our Seniors’ Capstone displays and learn more about each of their Capstone topics. This is a special way we celebrate their year long efforts for the Capstone project.

What exactly does the Senior Capstone Project entail? Early in the year, students identify a social issue that they care about. Students then complete the following throughout the school year: research paper, field work and community action, defense of the topic to a group of panelists, and their final presentation at the Capstone Night of Celebration. The goal is for students to articulate a Christian perspective in response to the topic addressed and that the student’s faith in Jesus Christ and a desire to serve him in our society will grow.

See the Capstone topics our seniors selected and photo highlights of the Capstone Night of Celebration below!

– How Military Families are Affected by Deployment– A Healthy Home Dynamic
– The Lack of Support for those who are Infertile in the Church– The Covid Effect
– Understanding Depression and Anxiety in Teenage Culture– Lack of Support for Rape Victims
– ACE and its Effects on Student Learning– Indoctrination in Higher Ed
– How Social Media is Affecting Christianity– Decline of Christian Piety
– Effects of Growth Hormones in our Food in Humans– Defending the 2nd Amendment
– Problems with Housing in an Aging Population– Child Abuse and Covid-19
– How to Prevent Anxiety Attacks in High Schoolers– Effective Use of Church Aid
– A Lack of Respect in the American Household– How Technology Affects Teens
– College Versus Trades and High School’s Role– Big Tech Companies Stealing User Data
– Lack of Christian Ethics in the Film Industry– How Covid-19 has Affected Businesses
– How Social Media Affects a Teenager’s Self-Esteem– Lack of Support in the Church for Teen Moms