SCS Stories: Otte Family

What do you love about Sheboygan Christian School?
We know that our girls are being raised in a small, close-knit community that is Christ-centered.  The teachers are amazing and love our girls as if they are their own. They care about not only their learning but how God is leading them through life. I often wonder if they live at school as it seems they are at every event, every time. The administration is not only dedicated to moving our school in a positive direction, but they know my children’s names, what they are involved in and what is going on in their lives. The personalized approach to educating our children goes far beyond all expectation.

Why did you choose Sheboygan Christian School for your children?
We are in awe of the faithfulness of God! SCS has been around for so many generations and can be traced back to the Netherlands. For generations, God has faithfully touched thousands of lives through SCS and we are grateful that our family has been one of them. For that reason, Christian education is extremely important to us. Eric is an alum of the school as is his father and his father and mother and others before them. God commands us to be in community with one another. Our girls will be part of the 5+ generations of Otte’s to go through Christian schools.  We feel having them grounded in Christ is vital as they learn that God is in everything–math, science, history–He is faithfully present. Sheboygan Christian Schools gives our girls a firm foundation with a Christ-centered education.  

In what ways have you seen your children grow in their faith as a result of their experience at SCS?
Our girls see the world through the lens of Christ. They have the confidence to take on challenges and have learned to take their worries and struggles to God. They find reading the Bible centers them. They frequently have neighborhood Bible studies with other kids not exposed to a Christian education.  Their faith has grown tremendously throughout the years. Having not been raised in a Christian school, I am awed by how grounded and centered they are. I see first hand, what I missed out on!  

In what ways have you seen your children grow academically as a result of their experience at SCS?
With such small class sizes, our girls have had very individualized attention and personalized learning.  This has created such a strong foundation in the fundamental skills that are necessary for them to learn at higher levels. The teachers have such a good sense of what each student’s strengths and weaknesses are, and they build on both, which has helped our girls become empowered in their learning and given them the confidence to take on struggles and problem solve. This in turn has helped them to become independent thinkers as well as stronger leaders.

One of our key values is partnership. How does SCS partner with your family to raise and educate your children?
Our teachers ROCK! They are so approachable and genuine in their concern. They work with the families with any specific educational or social-emotional concerns you may have. They always go the extra mile. Most importantly, they pray with our girls and for our families daily. 

What sets SCS apart from other schools?
SCS is not just a school, it’s a family. We pray for each other. We worry about each other. We go above and beyond for one another because we care about each other. It is a true partnership. The personalized, individualized and Christ-centered education is phenomenal. We love SCS and couldn’t think of a better investment for a firm foundation in Christ for our girls.

What would you say to a prospective family considering enrollment at Sheboygan Christian School?
We would love to have you join our family! Our teachers and administration will go above and beyond to meet your children’s needs and to grow them in Christ. This is the best investment you could make to give your child the necessary tools to successfully navigate through life. We are humbled you have chosen to consider us, and we’d love to have you here!