SCS Stories: Norton Family

What do you love about Sheboygan Christian School?
Everything! From the caring, loving staff to the vision and values, it’s been a wonderful transition for our family. We love that each and every day we send our kids to school we know they are being cared for, taught, and being built up as Christ followers.  They are being educated with Christ at the center of all they do. We love the family feel of the school and the community. It’s so much more than just a school building.

Why did you choose Sheboygan Christian School for your children?
After sending our oldest to public school for K-4 we knew there was something missing. She was not growing as academically, spiritually, emotionally and socially as we had hoped and so, after much prayer, we made the switch and have never looked back. SCS helped her open up to be exactly who she is and gave her freedom to share in her thoughts and expressions of God and scripture, gave her confidence in her friends and teachers and has helped her grow in all areas we struggled with previously. We continue to choose SCS because we know that it is a school that is family oriented, academically strong  and rooted in Christ.

In what ways have you seen your children grow in their faith as a result of their experience at SCS?
In public school, though our oldest’s faith was growing and present, there was not a lot of space and opportunity to cultivate and grow that in a school day. Our first year at SCS it took me only two weeks to notice the difference in her boldness to fully express her faith. She boldly prayed, she excitedly talked about scripture and was able to point to God in all she was doing. Not only for her, but our switch to SCS was a key part in growing our family’s faith as a whole and launched events that led us to our home church, our oldest and my husband and I’s profession of faith, our youngest being baptized and us officially joining church. Switching to SCS was a key factor in igniting and continuing our family’s journey to faith.

In what ways have you seen your children grow academically as a result of their experience at SCS?
I have seen both our kids be excited to learn! It’s no lie that both are kids will eagerly await the school day each day and be set to go long before it’s time to head out because they just love school so much! When our oldest was in public school I always felt she was lost in the shuffle and it hindered her academic growth. Academically at SCS she can get the help she needs with teachers who are passionate about her academic growth. She has grown leaps and bounds in terms of academics.

One of our key values is partnership. How does SCS partner with your family to raise and educate your children?
Part of why we love SCS so much is that it does feel like a family of partnership. Previously I said I always felt in public school that she was lost in the shuffle and it was hard to connect with teachers for her growth and goals. It’s an entire new ball game here. I have never felt like I endure the school year alone. There is such a family feel, support and joy that comes with being an SCS family and my family and I have always felt so welcomed and supported.

What sets SCS apart from other schools?
The focus on God and the value of family and individual students. The staff care individually for our children and it makes all the difference. They pray for our kids, they pray for our family, and they keep all they do set on God. The community feel of SCS is unlike anything I’ve ever seen with other schools and truly sets it apart in the best ways.

What would you say to a prospective family considering enrollment at Sheboygan Christian School?
We love our school. Switching from public to private instruction was a choice that was not easy but was rooted in prayer and one we took obediently and were so glad. No matter where you come from, what your story is, where your kids are at, you’re welcome with open and loving arms. There is joy when you walk in the halls or see any other family or staff and it’s a great thing to be a part of. Our kids have grown more than I could ever have imagined and I have seen God work mightily, not only through our kids, but through our family and the people we have met through SCS. It’s worth it a million times over.