SCS Stories: Kautzer Family

What do you love about Sheboygan Christian School?
There are many things we love about Sheboygan Christian School, but one that stands out is the sense of community we feel among the families at SCS. People truly care and they take opportunities to reach out, check in, touch base and pray.
What a blessing this is as we walk through life together!

Why did you choose Sheboygan Christian School for your children?
Our children had been attending public school when we felt God was nudging us to consider enrolling them at SCS. We gauged the effects of cultural pressures and the various attacks on Truth that were presented to them. It was important for the Biblical Truth we were teaching our children at home to be affirmed in the school setting rather than contradicted.  God placed SCS on our hearts, and we are so grateful for the way He has directed our paths as we took steps in faith.

In what ways have you seen your children grow in their faith as a result of their experience at SCS?
By Biblical definition faith is “being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” At SCS, as well as in our home, our children are being taught more about the nature of God, who He is, what He has done, and what has been guaranteed for them if they accept his gift of salvation and put their trust exclusively in the authority of Jesus Christ. They are demonstrating a stronger recognition of “the counterfeit” because of the foundational knowledge of Truth; this has been encouraged through the education they have received at SCS. This is so important to us as the world inundates with lies and conveys the “right is wrong and wrong is right” mentality.

In what ways have you seen your children grow academically as a result of their experience at SCS?
The ability to push through challenges and celebrate academic progress has helped to develop more confidence in each one of our kids. We see this as a result of the efforts of their teachers to really get to know our kids, recognizing their strengths and helping them in the areas in which they need to grow.

One of our key values is partnership. How does SCS partner with your family to raise and educate your children?
When we think of partnership we think of working together to accomplish a task, while providing support and encouragement. This is exactly what the teachers and staff at SCS have done for our family. They partner with us to provide our kids with a strong academic foundation and to help them develop a Biblical worldview, and they support them not only in the classroom but on the playground, the soccer field and the basketball court. They build up the inner character of students by encouraging Christ like actions and attitudes and recognizing when they are demonstrated.

What sets SCS apart from other schools?
The people! Undoubtedly it’s not a building that makes a school great (although we’re so excited for the new addition to be complete), but the dedicated administration who leads with wisdom and perseverance pursuing excellence in education, the faculty and staff who walk the hallways, arrive early and stay late, prayerfully prepare lessons, lead devotionals, form relationships and dedicate so much of themselves to help shape lives for God’s glory, and the families who serve in so many capacities to help the school run smoothly. These are the people we have had the privilege of meeting at SCS, and these are the people who set SCS apart.

What would you say to a prospective family considering enrollment at Sheboygan Christian School?
Pray for clear direction and if you sense God is nudging you towards enrollment at SCS we would encourage you to take a step in faith. Talk to other SCS families, be encouraged and get excited to be a part of the community!