SCS Stories: Hildebrandt Family

How did your family originally get connected to SCS?
When we came to interview for a new job, we were hoping Sheboygan had a Christian school for our kids to transfer into from Arizona. We did a walk through (with Sharon Eggebeen) and felt a connection with the principal, mission and values of the school. The kids thought it was a “really small school” but said they could picture themselves going to that school if we moved.  

How have you experienced SCS’s core values being upheld? 

  • Pursues Academic Excellence – Our children are prepared because of the worldview within the education! The teachers’ devotion to God and hearts to serve are what keep us committed to SCS. We know they are partnering with us to help raise our kids to know Jesus. We also appreciate the smaller class sizes.
  • Develops the Christian Mind – We are confident that our kids have been given a Biblical worldview in each subject that will be the foundation of truth they stand on in their future.
  • Cultivates Spiritual Growth – The teachers care for students spiritually and emotionally. We see this through teachers that love Jesus consistently and how discipline happens. 
  • Encourages Biblical Self-Image – In the elementary years, teachers gave extra love, grace and time to help shape their character during these developing years. Moving into middle school, coaching inside and outside of the classroom helped build respect and confidence in our kids. In high school, we appreciate the focus on teaching kids to be positive leaders and influencers.
  • Builds Strong Social Bonds – We have appreciated how SCS resolves conflict and teaches leadership skills. The plan to give warnings, and then talk directly with the kids and finally bring the parents into discipline situations has taught our kids respect and grace.
  • Involves the Supporting Community – We appreciate the feeling of community and the partnership in raising world-changers. Our children have had opportunities to connect with others, worship corporately, and learn to lead through the following memorable events: all school chapels, community fundraising events, orientations, middle school fun nights, all school bowling and Blue Harbor nights, class events, sporting events, homecoming celebrations, and student council events. 
  • Serves the Greater Community – SCS stays involved in our community by teaching kids to serve others, to be aware of the world around them, and to be involved in things outside of school. We especially liked raking the neighbors’ yards around the elementary school, and the Discovery Term service projects at the high school. It is also encouraging to see so many families involved in their church communities.