SCS Stories: Atkinson Family

How did your family originally get connected to SCS?
I got connected with SCS in the spring of 2000 through Ken Kramer (former SCS principal) who was the principal of Hull Christian School in Hull, Iowa where I attended K-8th grade. My grandma was the 4th grade teacher, and my mom taught 1st grade with Mr. Kramer as principal. SCS had two open teaching positions back in 2000. When I was ready to graduate from Dordt College, he contacted our placement office requesting an interview with me on campus. I was asked to come to Sheboygan for a 2nd interview, and was offered a teaching position the next day! After a lot of prayer, because moving away from my family and friends was a very big decision, I felt God telling me that this was the perfect position. I chose 5th grade, and I’ve been here ever since! There was absolutely no doubt that my kids would attend SCS as well.

What are you able to see/experience/appreciate at SCS being a teacher AND parent that perhaps others might not know?
As a TK (teacher’s kid) myself, I can speak to both sides. I get to see the special connections and relationships between the teachers and students before, during, and after school, which is what I experienced as a TK also. I remember becoming very close with many of my elementary, middle, and high school teachers because I was around them constantly, and they were my parents’ friends. My kids, Noah and Naomi, have both attended SCS since 4K, so they have grown up with the teachers and staff at SCS. Being a TK means you get to school early and you stay late every day. Those extra hours in the building with teachers of all grade levels helps build really solid relationships which help kids flourish spiritually, socially, emotionally, and academically.

How have you experienced SCS’s core values being upheld?

  • Pursues Academic Excellence – With Noah in 8th grade, college is closer than ever (yikes!). Both kids are in middle school now, and I feel that they are prepared for the move up to the next grade each year based on their learning. You can’t put a price on the education my kids receive at SCS.
  • Develops the Christian Mind – SCS plays a vital role in giving my kids the foundation they need to continue their faith journey throughout their lives.
  • Cultivates Spiritual Growth – My children are being prepared to share the Gospel and their faith to others, which Jesus commanded us to do in the Great Commission.
  • Encourages Biblical Self-Image – Their classmates, the teachers and staff, and their friends’ parents all do their part to nurture my kids. The entire SCS community is why my kids feel safe and loved.
  • Builds Strong Social Bonds – Noah and Naomi have wonderful friends at SCS, which is a very important part to help them thrive. Their friends, as well as the teachers and staff, take the time to intentionally build into them.
  • Involves the Supporting Community – The home, church, and school should all work together to help our kids develop deep roots in Christ, and that is the case in our community.
  • Serves the Greater Community – Our kids get to go out and serve the Sheboygan community in many ways. Our b1 groups rake leaves in the neighborhood each year, my kids have done food drives for the Salvation Army in their younger years, and Mr. V’s “$5 challenge” allowed Noah the opportunity to take $5 and make it grow in order to further God’s Kingdom. He gave the money he raised selling brownies (that he baked) to a high school student to help her fund a mission trip to Haiti.