SCS 3rd Grade FLEXes Support for the Needy

SCS third graders recently completed a Faith/Learning Experience, or “FLEX.” In December, third graders completed an integrated reading and social studies unit on traditional literature and holidays around the world. As students learned to appreciate and understand different cultures, they also became aware of the issue of global poverty. They decided to take action through Samaritan’s Purse Gifts of Hope to not only meet peoples’ physical needs, but share the love of Jesus in the process. 

The third graders held a candy cane gram sale where SCS students could buy a candy cane with a note to send to anyone in the school. Their goal was to raise $100 to purchase a goat for a family in need through Samaritan’s purse. Thanks to the generous SCS community, they far exceeded their goal and ended up raising $700! Third grade students decided to purchase multiple goats, blankets, and chicks with the money. They also chose to pay for 60 children to be discipled and taught about Jesus. This work taught them that God has given us each unique talents to serve others for His glory. He has richly blessed us so that we may bless others. 

As a culmination to this experience, families were invited to a Holidays Around the World Celebration. Families enjoyed listening to live music, making crafts, playing games, and eating snacks from each country.