Mr. Navis Steps into New Role at SCS

We are pleased to share that Mr. Joel Navis has agreed to step into the role of Instructional and Teaching for Transformation Coach. After 17 years as a classroom teacher, he is moving into the new role to help to serve our faculty. We recently sat down with Mr. Navis to ask him questions about his new position.

  • What is your new role?
    • My new role is serving as the instructional and TfT (Teaching for Transformation) coach. This means that I get to walk alongside each of our teachers and support them as they work on growing professionally in their instructional and TfT goals. 
  • Why are you excited about this position?
    • I am excited about this position because it allows me to help each of our teachers continue to improve at what they already do so well. I will have the chance to listen to them, explore new ideas, help them take risks, and support their reflection. I am also thrilled to lead our implementation of TfT, the Biblical framework that guides our learning every day in and out of the classroom. 
  • Will we still see you around campus?
    • Every…Single…Day! I will be in and out of classrooms all the time. Please keep stopping me to chat! 

Joel and his wonderful wife Rachel are the proud parents of Kellin and Mina. Their family loves playing sports with the neighborhood families, going for walks and bike rides, and cooking together in the kitchen. Joel and his family are members of Bethel OPC in Oostburg, helping lead in church ministries and Bible studies. SCS is a place that he has felt called to serve at from day 1. He served as a classroom teacher for his first 17 years at SCS. He now serves as the instructional and TfT coach. Joel’s deep hope for himself and his teachers is that together they will LISTEN to each other, EXPLORE ideas, TAKE RISKS, and REFLECT on the work God has put before them.