Kevin Gesch

Kevin was born and raised in Cedar Grove, Wisconsin, being further nurtured in Calvary Orthodox Presbyterian Church. After nine years in the Cedar Grove schools, his parents decided to send him to Sheboygan County Christian High School. After that it was a series of Christian colleges, marriage to Gwendy, and living in Europe, Canada and the States. He landscaped and made inner tubes (really) before going back to school for a teaching degree. After three years at Unity Christian School in Fulton, Illinois, he moved to SCCHS in 1994 and has not been fired yet. Since then, his wife of 40+ years, Gwendy, six children (assisted by 19 grandchildren), church and colleagues have shoved him down the path of spiritual growth. Reading, outdoor activities, reading, spending time with family, reading and working with wood occupy most of his time. And reading. Seeing children, grandchildren and great nephews and great nieces living in God-honoring ways is the life-highlight; he echoes his mom’s favorite verse (3 John 1:4), a verse he was privileged to read at her funeral: “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children [and students] are walking in the truth.”