Jen Atkinson

Jen moved to Sheboygan from Hull, IA to start her career at SCS in 2000. Jen and her husband, Tyler, have been married since 2004, and have two awesome kids: Noah and Naomi. In addition to their kids, they have a Boxer dog named Brewer (Go Brew Crew!). They attend Crossroads Community Church. Tyler is an avid bowler, and has passed that interest on to Noah and Naomi. They bowl every Saturday morning in their league and participate in different tournaments. Jen and Ty spend a lot of time cheering for their kids in bowling, football, volleyball, and basketball. The whole family enjoys Brewers, Badgers, and Packers games as well. They also love having people over to enjoy Tyler’s delicious BBQ. Jen and the kids annually go to Sioux City, IA to spend a week with her family. If Jen gets any time to herself, she enjoys curling up with Brewer and a good book. Jen is committed to the SCS mission by helping students grow in their faith as she continues to grow in hers.