Jason Klug

Jason comes from Winona, MN, where he spent his formative years. Jason’s faith was nurtured while he grew up in the church and at an LCMS school from Kindergarten – 12th grade. He continued for 6 years at Concordia University Wisconsin. Spending time with his loved ones, his mother, Sheryl, and his two sisters, Olivia and Christine, brings him great joy.

Jason is passionate about athletics, and is always involved in sports-related endeavors. He enjoys golfing, and many may note his familiar cry of “Fore!” often accompanying his swings. Beyond the fairways, Jason dons the hat of a podcast host. His show, “Jaytime,” serves as a platform for engaging dialogues with professionals from diverse industries, delving into their career trajectories. Notably, he featured Jim Paschke, a hall of fame broadcaster renowned for his association with the Milwaukee Bucks.

Jason also established “Authentic Hoops,” a basketball training enterprise. A recent highlight in this venture was a single-day camp that drew in 130 enthusiastic campers.

Beneath these professional accomplishments lies a profound purpose. Guided by the legacy of his late father, Tim, who tragically passed away to a sudden heart attack a few years prior, Jason is resolute in dedicating his life to uplifting others. He is very excited to embrace the mission of SCS by empowering the student body to recognize their inherent value and potential, much like the salt of the earth.