SCS 이야기: Weber 가족

Sheboygan Christian School에서 어떤 점을 좋아합니까?
The unity, love among the parents, staff and students.

자녀를 위해 Sheboygan Christian School을 선택한 이유는 무엇입니까?
We chose SCS because we saw the connection (spiritually, emotionally and physically) between the teachers & staff with the students. Being a volunteer for the Bread Basket, I was able to get a glimpse of the interaction every week and it drew me to want to know more about SCS. Finding out that they start the day off with prayer and have monthly worship was mind-blowing, as well as being faith based. Our hope and prayer is that our children are raised in a Christ centered home and school.  SCS was a piece needed for our lives. We are so happy with SCS!

자녀가 SCS에서의 경험을 통해 신앙이 성장하는 것을 어떻게 보셨습니까?
They want more of Christ, their lives hunger for more of Him, and they’ve been able to grow in their knowledge of the Bible.

SCS에서의 경험의 결과로 자녀가 학업 적으로 성장하는 것을 어떻게 보셨습니까?
We have seen them flourish. Being in a smaller school, they’re able to ask more questions, get more help and understand better. We’ve seen a huge change in grades (increased) and interacting more academically.

우리의 핵심 가치 중 하나는 파트너십입니다. SCS는 자녀를 양육하고 교육하기 위해 가족과 어떻게 협력합니까?
SCS presents the gospel with education. At first, we questioned how this would be done, but our kids come home with what is taught, and now they/we can apply it to their lives.

SCS가 다른 학교와 다른 점은 무엇입니까?
The leadership, being that SCS does not tolerate what other schools would. We’ve seen SCS handle behavior in ways other schools never have. Most importantly, God is in the midst of the school. Without God our children, our family, our community is not as it should be.  SCS definitely demonstrates God being the center.

Sheboygan Christian School에 등록을 고려중인 예비 가족에게 무엇을 말 하시겠습니까?
I would encourage them to shadow.  That is how our family fell in love!