Grandparents / Grand Friends Day 2024 Highlights

SCS recently welcomed over 400 grandparents and grand friends to SCS to celebrate our annual Grandparents Day.

After pre-registration, visitors could park on campus or arrive via a special trolley shuttle. A “high five tunnel” and raucous applause greeted grandparents into the building. Grandparents of K-5 students visted their grandkids in class, and watch the grandparents day program. Grandparents of middle and high school students watched a 6-12 program, visited classrooms, and ate lunch with their grandchildren.

After the event, we asked Grandparents to tell us what they thought of the day. Here are a few of their responses:

We are thankful that the school acknowledges the role that grandparents provide in the lives of their grandchildren. The teachers were all very friendly and helpful.”

Your hallway of cheers coming in almost made it feel like we were being welcomed ‘home’ to heaven.. What a day that will be. Thank you!!!”

Thank you to all grandparents and grand friends who invest in the lives of SCS students. We appreciate you and your godly examples. Thank you to our team of volunteers who make this event such a great success!

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SCS Grandparents Swag

We had a number of grandparents ask us where to order more SCS Grandparent gear. Here’s an easy link to order your gear online. Products will be shipped directly to your home!

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