Giving Tuesday, 2021: The Revenge of Holly Kiel

Let’s be honest, SCS Community- we’re all team Holly. We have graciously sat by while SCS Director of Finance & Development John Warmus regularly berates Holly Kiel in virtually every official school communication. Don’t believe us? Here’s a montage of his anti-Holly agenda that has been left unchecked for too long. 

And that’s only what he’s been caught saying on camera.

Well, we at #TeamHolly have had enough. Warmus has awoken a sleeping giant and it’s time for this giant to fight back. Which brings us to Giving Tuesday.

Today, on Giving Tuesday, the SCS community has the option of selecting either #TeamJohn or #TeamHolly with their Giving Tuesday gifts. Whoever ends the day with more dollars attached to their name wins the ultimate bragging rights in this battle. Frankly, we don’t think #TeamJohn stands a chance. There are already rumors that even his mother plans to give to #TeamHolly.

In addition to the fun and bragging rights that are on the line, thanks to a handful of very generous donors, SCS has the opportunity to match up to $50,000 of new gifts on Giving Tuesday. This means that every dollar raised by our community on this day (for either #TeamJohn or #TeamHolly) will actually mean $2 for SCS!

Our school has set an unprecedented goal of raising $100,000 in one day. Frankly, we’ve never done anything like this on Giving Tuesday. But we believe that we can do it! Every dollar raised will continue to fund our ongoing building project. 

This #SCSGivingTuesday, please consider financially supporting SCS. Gifts of every size are welcome and appreciated. And when you give, be sure to share #TeamHolly with your friends and family. With your help, we can raise over $100,000 for the Building Hearts and Minds Campaign. We know that our school community, and especially #TeamHolly will appreciate it!