Former SCS Art Teacher Illustrates “If I Were the Teacher”

We have exciting news to share from a friend on the west coast. Former SCS Art Teacher Ron Vander Pol has collaborated with a fellow teacher to produce the brand new book that helps teachers create a safe place in their classrooms. Here’s a quick letter from Mr. Vander Pol:


Greetings SCS from Southern California,

I wanted to share some exciting news with the SCS community. I have collaborated with a teacher colleague from Cardiff, CA on my first children’s book, “If I Were the Teacher”. I illustrated the book and Johnny Tiersma wrote the book. We are excited to announce that we are indeed published, and the book will be coming out in paperback form next Tuesday, October 4! 

Children love to imagine, and that’s exactly what Max does on the first day of school. He dreams about what he would do if he were the teacher. His ideas are wild, chaotic, and downright hilarious. But in the end, Max realizes that it’s probably good he’s not in charge. He is very thankful for his teacher and decides that if she’s his teacher then he doesn’t want to change a thing. “


Teaching is hard, and creating a thriving classroom environment is even harder. If I Were the Teacher is a read aloud that helps teachers build a safe and loving place of trust and wonder. 

This engaging read aloud uses inclusive and humorous illustrations to pull students into the story.  This book will promote valuable conversations of wonder and curiosity while deepening the bond of the teacher-student relationship. If I Were the Teacher is a perfect addition for any elementary school teacher’s library. I was hoping SCS would be willing to share this exciting news from a former, long-time SCS teacher. We are sharing this project with several CSI schools and the CSI office. If there would be anyway to share this with your staff as well as the greater SCS community, Johnny and I would be most thankful – social media, email blast, etc. 
I have been in contact about the book with Kathy Andringa. In fact, I gave her an early “sneak peek” of the book last month and she was so kind as to share it with her class, give us her feedback, and review the book for us.

Again, we are excited to announce that the book will be on Amazon on Tuesday October, 4! 
I hope this email finds you all well.