FLEx: 7th Grade $5 Challenge

Over the past month, our 7th grade students had the opportunity to take part in the annual $5 challenge. Steve VanDrunen started this challenge years ago and the impact on our students and greater community is priceless! Students are given $5 and instructed to use the money to be a blessing to others or an organization.

Through this experience, students have the opportunity to be curious thinkers by reflecting on their individual gifts and interests to develop and create a plan. Students also have the opportunity to be gracious communicators as they interact with others, developing a voice to connect with others.

Steve VanDrunen to the 7th Grade Class

I am asking you to embark on a journey of sorts. I am giving you $5.00 to invest in a person or a cause. Granted, $5.00 is not much money, but the Lord can do amazing things with very little… I am looking for something special and personal from you. I believe in you and am investing in you. Your Savior, Jesus Christ, invested in you also. He invested not just a few dollars, but His very life. See what you can do for Him in return.

Student Stories

Soren Vanderpuy – $5 turned into $670 for Project Motherhood!

Soren wanted to grow his $5 to support Project Motherhood. For every $5 donated, Soren committed to bike to school one day. No weather days, no sick days, just a show of support! For 134 days, he will be biking to school! Project Motherhood is built specifically for mothers between the ages of 13-21, who are pregnant or parenting a child 0-5. He is helping provide community and support to them.

Marivella Besaw – $5 turned into $46 (shelter and food for 2 families for 1 night) at The Salvation Army!

Marivella used her $5 to make peppermint chocolate cookies. She sold them and requested donations at church, sharing that all proceeds would go to the Salvation Army. When she brought the money to the Salvation Army, they shared that the $46 equaled shelter, breakfast and lunch for 2 full families with kids for 1 night. What a beautiful impact $46 can make!

Nolan Schmitt – $5 turned into $600 for Dogs2DogTags!

For every $5 received, Nolan committed to swim a 100 freestyle at the local YMCA to support Dogs2DogTags. With his fundraising outcome, he will be swimming approximately THREE Ironman swim distances! Dogs2DogTags creates opportunities to save at risk dogs, train them, and place them with deserving service members who have been diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety.

Levi Moeller, Kiki Weber and Ellie VanderLaan – $5 each turned into $425 for Anchor of Hope!

Levi used his $5 to make Christmas cards. Kiki used her $5 to make pretzel rods and cocoa bombs. Ellie used her $5 to make Christmas ornaments. They in total raised $425 for Anchor of Hope! AOH provides free and confidential medical and support services to thousands of individuals who are facing an unexpected pregnancy, reproductive loss, parenting under challenging circumstances or have sexual health concerns.

Melanie Protzmann – $5 turned into $173 for the Sheboygan County Humane Society!

Melanie used her $5 to purchase supplies to make ornaments to support the Humane Society. She quickly sold the first batch of ornaments, bought more supplies with the money raised, and made a grand total of 50 ornaments with a few extra donations! In the photo below, Melanie is holding Rusty, an 8 year old senior cat, with a lot of love to share. Rusty and other animals are available for adoption here.