First P-12 Grandparents/Grand Friends Day A Huge Success

Earlier this month, Sheboygan Christian School hosted our first ever P-12 Grandparents/Grand Friends Day. It was a huge success! We had over 350 grandparents and grand friends in attendance, including many from out of state who came to partake in this new tradition.

Grandparents and Grand Friends were treated to several musical performances by SCS students, given updates on the state of the school from the administration, and, of course, given time to visit their grandkids in their classrooms. Grandparents were also given valuable information on Intentional Grandparenting from SCS Kindergarten Teacher Deb VandeSlunt and her husband Mark.

Post-event surveys indicated that the event was a wild success with the average 1-5 score being a 4.75. We also received many good suggestions to improve next year’s event- which is already being planned. Thanks to all who participated and thanks to our amazing Christian community for being invested in our students’ Christ-centered education.

A Full Day of Celebration

Several grandparents had suggested scheduling this Elementary Spring Concert on the same day as Grandparents/Grand Friends Day so that Grandparents traveling to the area for the day could see both events. We thought this was a great idea- so that’s exactly what we did!

Check out the recording of the event live stream below: