First Grade Reading Buddies

One of the perks of a P-12 campus is definitely first grade reading buddies! Our middle school students are teaming up with their first grade friends for some quality reading time. When asked what they enjoy most about it, here’s what our first graders had to say…

Mina: “Reading books with our new friends.”
Madden: “We get to share our books we like with our big friends and they like some of the same ones we do and they are amazing.” 
Tasha: “We can sit elbow to elbow or knee to knee and share our books.” 
Nehemiah: “We can tell stories together.” 
Grace: “We can learn new things and see our big siblings.” 
Israel: “We had fun.” 
Ajan: “We get to read our favorite books.” 
Macey: “We get to learn about big kids at our new big school.” 
Dawson: “We got to see our family.”