Elementary School Entrepreneur Sale Success

In an effort to live out the role of calling responders in God’s story, our 4th graders recently became entrepreneurs.  We worked through every step of the process of creating a business from the ground up. From designing to production, we gathered market research, studied investment, and created commercials and advertisement posters. We discovered our passions and practiced using them for God’s glory. 

In an effort to be community builders and neighborhood lovers, the 4th graders have decided to tithe a portion of their profits in 2 ways. First, we will be supporting Footprints of Hope, a school in Zambia the 4th grades became connected with through the work of our 5th graders. Second, we will be investing in the start of SCS’s community garden, a project the class became inspired to start after researching the impact of food waste and methods of reducing it. 

Thanks to all who came to support our entrepreneurs and purchased items! This was a very valuable business education experience for our 4th graders!

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