Butterflies & Snakes: SCS Elementary Students Meet Animals in School

Kindergarteners Learn About Butterflies & Milkweed

SCS Kindergarten classes recently learned from local butterfly expert Ms. Carrie. Ms. Carrie brought Monarch eggs, tiny caterpillars, grown caterpillars, chrysalises and Monarchs.  Students were able to see all of these developmental stages up close.  Students learned that Monarchs lay their eggs on milkweed and that milkweed is becoming hard to find (so Ms. Carrie asked everyone to plant milkweed!).

The students ended their time with Ms. Carrie by releasing 15 recently hatched Monarch Butterflies on campus!

1st Graders Meet Cleo the Snake

The first grade classes had the opportunity to meet Cleo the snake! High School Science teacher Mr.Hendrikse was able to teach us about snakes and we even got to pet Cleo. First grade students are studying Genesis and learning all about creation this week and how God purposefully created each and every animal! You can meet Cleo in Mr. Hendrikse’s high school classroom!