2023 Bible Bowl Recap

SCS students in grades 3-5 and 6-8 recently competed in our second annual Bible Bowl! Based off of the Trivia cards from the classic 80’s board game “Bible Trivia,” the Bible Bowl challenges SCS students’ Biblical literacy, quick thinking, and competition.

Students in grades 3-8 compete for one of two trophies: the grade 3/4/5 Bible Bowl and the 6/7/8 Bible Bowl. The preliminary round includes a written and speed round that takes place in Bible class and identifies the top 4 competitors from each grade. At a later date, we invite the entire student body to a “game show” finale pitting SCS grades against each other in a Biblical Trivia knowledge battle.

Students are encouraged to study the Bible (or even the Bible Trivia cards) in preparation for the competition- games are present in the upper elementary pod and the middle school classrooms.

5th & 8th grades Victorious

At the end of our first ever Bible Bowl competition, the fifth and eighth grades emerged victorious for their respective competitions. Like the NHL’s Stanley Cup, winning team participants get their names engraved on the Bible Bowl trophy to commemorate the victory and to encourage SCS students to keep studying the Bible all year.

Competitors from all grades represented their grade and their school well- exhibiting both strong Biblical knowledge and incredible sportsmanship.

Driven by Core Values

We are thankful to be a part of a school community that lives out our expressed Core Values of “Pursue Academic Excellence,” “Develop the Christian Mind,” and “Cultivate Spiritual Growth.”

For SCS students looking to compete in next year’s Bible Bowl, you have a full year to get to work studying your Bible!