Spiritual Emphasis Week

Can you ever change your past? That was one of the questions posed by Dr. Espen Klausen, the featured speaker for Spiritual Emphasis Week for our high school students. The answer to that question, according to Dr. Klausen, is “yes and no.” You can’t change what happened to you in the past, but you can add to your past by doing things differently today, and thus, changing what is now in your past. The theme of spiritual disciplines (mind, body, and soul) helped shape his messages for the week. Every morning also included a time of worship led by Aaron Back. This was a bitter-sweet opportunity for Aaron as this was one of the last times leading worship at SCS before his family moves to Missouri this summer. Reflecting back on this week, we want to thank Dr. Klausen for his messages and we want to wish Aaron’s family blessings in this new chapter of their lives.