SCS High School Music Students Attend Soweto Gospel Choir Concert

Earlier this month, the SCS High School Band and Choir students had the opportunity to attend a performance in Kohler by the Soweto Gospel Choir, “a South African ensemble bringing joyous music to life with traditional high-energy choreography and percussion djembe rhythms”. The theme of this concert was HOPE- It’s Been a Long Time Coming.

Here’s what some students had to say about this performance:

  • “It was legitimately the most beautiful thing I’ve experienced in months”
  • “I really enjoyed it. I think the culture, dancing, and singing (the way the voices sounded and blended) was just amazing”
  • “It was awesome to hear songs in a language I’d never heard before and it opened my eyes to the fact that God can display his beauty through cultures different from my own””
  • I saw God’s beauty through this group because we can see the differences in the different culture and the different languages that God created.”
  • “God makes such diverse groups of people, people that see and do things totally different than I do, and that’s amazing!”

SCS Music students are very grateful to the Kohler Foundation who donated the tickets to our students and to other students in our community!