Karen Elgersma

Karen Elgersma has life experience all over North America! She was born in Canada, raised in the USA, and recently returned home to Sheboygan after 11 years of living in Mexico. Even her name reflects the bicultural and bilingual life she has: officially Karen Elgersma, you can informally call her “Senora Mejia.”

Her life experiences and accomplishments have spanned from high school at SCS to Dordt University with a B.A. in Spanish for Secondary Education, then teaching high school Spanish in Iowa four years, to missions work in Monterrey, Mexico. There she worked several years connecting short-term groups to help grow the local churches. After missions, she stayed and switched to teaching English at a more elementary level.

In Mexico she met and married her now husband, Angel Mejia, and now has one son (Jacob) and one on the way (very soon.) She and her family are very excited to be making the transition to living in the States where they currently attend First CRC Oostburg. They are very thankful to be able to be a part of the SCS community. Karen is eager to not only connect children to a bicultural, bilingual community but also to connect them more to our Creator of this diverse world.