April 17 - Thursday
Christian Cash Pick Up
April 22 - Tuesday
06:30 PM - SCS Middle School Music Fest
April 24 - Thursday
Grandparents Day 3K
8th Grade Fundraiser Dinner
April 25 - Friday
Grandparents Day 4K-8
Christian Cash Order
April 26 - Saturday
07:00 PM - SCS Benefit Concert

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Welcome to Sheboygan Christian School

By the time your child reaches their teens, spiritual identity is largely in place. By investing in an early Christian education we acknowledge that our children are in the best position to impact our community and we are in the best position to nurture their growth.

Our Mission

Sheboygan Christian School partners with families and the community to provide an excellent education rooted in Biblical truth, so children grow in their knowledge of God and His creation, and respond in service to Him.

We achieve our mission through:

A Transformational Culture that fosters Christ-like attitudes and behaviors. We utilize Love and Logic Discipline, b1 Leadership and Unity Groups and a Comprehensive Bullying and Safe Touch Curriculum as strategies to achieve a safe climate for children to learn.

Partnering with parents and families so that students are surrounded by family, church and community that honors God. We achieve this through a “Parents’ Club”  which promotes the welfare of SCS and reduces tuition expenses through fund raising activities. This connects and introduces parents and friends of SCS to each other.

A Rigorous and Distinctly Christian Curriculum that is structured to reveal the claim God has on each of our lives and in each subject. Under the nurturing guidance and innovative teaching strategies of SCS teachers, students grow spiritually, intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically. Children are engaged in creative problem solving and are offered diverse opportunities to serve.

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