SCS Welcomes Lauren Delray as New Track & Field Coach

Sheboygan Christian High School recently hired Lauren Delray as our first Track & Field coach. Athletic Director Jason Klug is excited about this hire and our first season as a stand-alone Track & Field program. We recently interviewed Coach Delray so the SCS community could get to know her.

What is your experience with track and field as an athlete? As a coach?
I was a track and field athlete all the way from 6th grade, in middle school, to my senior year of high school. My favorite track and field event that I competed in every year was the Pole Vault! I had some very encouraging and supportive coaches in my life while growing up who have provided me with this drive, years later, to pursue coaching as well. This will be my first year ever coaching track and I couldn’t be more excited to get started!

What makes this position at SCS appealing to you?
Ever since I was young I’ve had a huge passion for track and field as a sport. This position at SCS was appealing to me personally because I can take that passion I have and apply it to my interest in contributing to the positive development of students both athletically and personally.

How would you say your faith impacts your coaching?
Although this will be my first year coaching, I feel that my faith shapes my coaching by guiding me to prioritize respect, teamwork, and personal growth. It inspires me to create a positive environment where athletes can thrive not just in track and field but as individuals and students as well.

What can an athlete expect by being a member of the SCS track and field team?
Being on the SCS track and field team is like joining a supportive family. Our coaches are here to guide you, and together, we live out values like teamwork and personal growth. As the Bible says in Philippians 2:3, “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility, consider others better than yourselves.” That’s the spirit we will bring to our team – uplifting each other and growing together!

Coach Delray and her husband Jeff attend Crossroads Community Church in Sheboygan.