TJ Hendrikse

Spouse’s Name: Laura Hendrikse

Church Affiliation:  Christ Community Church

Family Information: Laura and I have six children.  Zach is a 2017 graduate of SCS, Tanner (Alicia) is a 2019 graduate of SCS, Justin is a 2022 graduate of SC, Madison (sophomore), Xzairah (6th grade) and Jaimichael (3rd grade) are all currently attending SCS.

Employment Information: I work at Manitou Equipment America, LLC in West Bend, Wisconsin as the Director of IT, North America and have been working there since 2015

Church/School Activities you are or have been involved with: Aside from serving on the SCS Board of Trustees and several of the Board committees, I also server on Apple Pie Committee, Cherry/Blueberry committee and help coach junior Eagles soccer.  At church, I have served as a Deacon for one term and as an Elder for two terms.  I am also involved in our audio and video programs, running sound on a weekly basis and also helping out with our video ministry.

What do you like most about SCS? SCS will always have a special place in my heart.  I am a graduate from the grade school and the high school and I met my wife Laura at SCS.  I love most everything that is going on at this school, it is amazing to see how God is at work and leading this school.  One of my favorite times of the year at the school is the Apple Pie making event.  It is so awesome to be able to participate in an event where you see the body of Christ come together in support of Christian education.  But even more than that, I love the dedication of our teachers and staff, the love they have for our children and how they are able to teach from a Christian Worldview.

Why did your family choose SCS over other schools?  Honestly, we never even considered another school.  Christian education is one of the most important things that I can give to my children and SCS is the best school in the county to be able to provide that. 

What do you think is the most important goal for SCS? To continue to teach from a Christian worldview while providing an excellent academic education, giving our children a firm foundation for their future.

If you could do one thing to increase SCS’ visibility in the community, what would it be? I think one of the best ways to increase visibility is community involvement through service projects.  I love that SCS has implemented the TFT (teaching for transformation) program and I would love to see the school get more involved in our community.

Why did you accept to be nominated for the School Board? I am honored to be considered as a nominee for the board.  I believe it is a very exciting time for SCS and love to serve the school any way I can.