Jessica Gutoski

Jessica is married to Josef Gutoski. They have four children: Gabe (adult), Leah, Chloe and Truban who attend SCS. They value the partnership that SCS has with them not only in academics but with training them in the Lord.

The Gutoski family attends Crossroads Community Church where Jessica serves in the nursery and as a leader in their HS & MS youth group(RUSH). Jessica has had the privilege to be a stay-at-home mom for the past 13 years. She enjoys being in the kitchen cooking and baking as well as being out in the garden.

Jessica is excited about growing the mission of Sheboygan Christian School by sharing the love of Christ with children on a daily basis at SCS.

Fun Fact: Jessica LOVES to knit and spin(and other fiber crafts) and will do so any time her hands are free. Being creative helps her show God’s love to others and it brings her joy.