Adam Guenther

Church Affiliation: Crossroads Community Church

Family Information: In addition to Michelle, we have two teens who attend Sheboygan Christian, Alison (Junior) and Josiah (Sophomore).

Employment Information: I am a Transactional Master Black Belt for Compassion International.    My role is to drive continuous improvement processes within this organization with the amazing purpose of “Releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name.”

Church/School Activities you are or have been involved with: I have been active in several areas, including worship ministry, small group leadership, Bible study leadership and various school activities.  While in the Navy, I was the religious programs officer (essentially the chaplain) for a 200-person crew on the USS Ingraham.  Most recently with Sheboygan Christian I assisted with the COVID response team.

What do you like most about SCS? Sheboygan Christian School does a great job of creating a learning environment in which students of different Christian faith backgrounds can grow while being exposed to the basic tenets of the Christian faith.  While there is value in the ecumenical nature of the school, it is also so important that the kids grow up knowing the Lord. SCS does a good job helping families in this task through the presentation of the Gospel in various modes, including journal entries, integration into classwork, and the personal witness of the teachers.

Why did your family choose SCS over other schools?  Michelle and I committed to having our kids either homeschooled or in Christian school before they were even born.  We are committed to Christian education for our children and Sheboygan Christian was the best option within the Sheboygan area.

What do you think is the most important goal for SCS? It may sound obvious, but the most important goal for the school is knowing God and making him known in our children.  The mission of Christian education overall is to help raise up the next generation of Christian youth to impact the world for Christ, and Sheboygan Christian’s place is to make that happen within Sheboygan County.  

If you could do one thing to increase SCS’ visibility in the community, what would it be? I think the school would benefit from working more with local churches to serve the community at large.  There are likely several opportunities for service with local churches in need of support or willing to partner on community outreaches for the less fortunate among us.  Such partnerships would fulfill Jesus’ command to serve while giving opportunity for word of mouth and potentially media coverage. 

 Why did you accept the nomination to serve our community on the School Board? When I was approached to consider the school board it was a great honor. My family and I prayed and discussed it at length. Together we ultimately decided that, if chosen, I have an opportunity to serve the community in a role for which my life experiences, both those acquired through schooling at Liberty University and through various work roles and areas of service, have prepared me.  If selected, I am looking forward to the opportunity to help SCS continue to be the beacon of Christian Education in our community.