We love that SCS is surrounded with Christ-like role models who are constantly striving for excellence in education.   Our children know that every teacher and staff member knows them by name, prays for them, and cares for them.

We choose SCS for our children because we desired Christ-centered education.  My husband and I are both graduates of SCS and felt that our education not only prepared us academically, but also gave us the foundations to live out our faith every day.

We have seen our children grow in their faith through the way they pray to God each day with such reverence and gratitude.   We also see their growth in the way they show grace and respect to their family members, classmates, teachers and community members.

Our children have grown academically in multiple ways. Most notably by developing a love of reading, in learning to value a strong effort over simply avoiding failure, and by establishing high expectations for themselves and their work.

我们的主要价值观之一是伙伴关系。 SCS如何与您的家人合作抚养和教育您的孩子?
?Love & Support: SCS provides a safe environment in order to foster a positive self-image and model God?s love
?Communication: SCS listens to families and communicates clearly and in a timely fashion about our child(ren)?s progress
?Shared Expectations: SCS partners with parents in both affirming academic expectations and raising followers of Christ.

Their Christ-centered curriculum, the daily reinforcement of faith through teachers and staff, and that it gives our children the best opportunities to learn, grown and make choices that honor God.

I would recommend SCS for the same reasons we chose it.  We know that this community works very hard to create a safe, loving, Christ-centered education for our children.