School Board


On behalf of the SCS School Board, I encourage you explore this website and do not hesitate to reach out to any of us with questions.  

The school board at SCS is a group of community members with a vested interest in the long-term strength and stability of the school.  This year we will continue to focus on the strategic plan for the school.  We have several key updates that will take place over the coming months and we look forward to sharing them.  In addition, the board will be working closely with the steering committee on the fundraising and planning for our new campus.  We look forward to sharing all these updates with you throughout the year.

As always, please note that the entire board is always available for questions and we welcome hearing from everyone.

Scott Warmus
SCS School Board President

2018/2019 SCS School Board

Scott Warmus
President – 2019 TJ Hendrikse
Vice-President – 2021
Eric Grasse
Treasurer – 2021
Mike Toerpe
Secretary – 2020
Matt Moeller
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer- 2020
Holly DeRoos
Board Member – 2019
Randy DuMez
Board Member – 2019 Lee RahnBoard Member – 2019
Joel VanEss
Board Member – 2019
Melissa Kaule
Board Member – 2020 Jon VrzalBoard Member – 2021