Jon Vrzal

Spouse’s Name: Kari Vrzal

Church Affiliation: Sheboygan Evangelical Free Church

Family Information: 3 sons – Kellen, Jordy, Jess 

Employment Information: I have worked at Charter Steel in Saukville for the past 25 years.  I have a degree in Metallurgical Engineering and am the Director of Operational Excellence. 

Church/School Activities you are or have been involved with: 

SCS School Board, SCS Auction Committee, SCS Policy Committee Chair, SCS Board Development Committee, adult Sunday school teacher and small group bible study leader

What do you like most about SCS? 

Simply… The vision. I deeply appreciate the commitment of our school to a community approach to using Christ-centered learning to prepare my boys hearts and minds for service in God’s world.    I have also really befitted from the partnering with the community of SCS in the serious job of raising our boys in a manner consistent with our biblical calling.

Why did your family choose SCS over other schools?  

Kari and I both received all our formal education from public primary, secondary and post-secondary schools.  When our first son was born, I had just assumed that our children would also enter public schools.  As we began evaluating the educational options, we quickly came to realize the worldview being presented in public elementary schools today was significantly more out of alignment with our biblically based worldview as compared to our firsthand experiences in public schools over 35 years ago.  We choose SCS because we wanted to have our sons be a part of an educational institution that can come along side us in developing the Christ-like character and Kingdom focused worldview that we are teaching our sons in our home.

What do you think is the most important goal for SCS? 

From my point of view, the two primary “customers” of our school are the 1) Christ and 2) the students.  As a goal, everything our school does 1) should increase the Kingdom and the glory of God by the living out of the gospel in our community and 2) serve the students by integrating academic excellence with Christ-centered learning to preparing students’ hearts and minds for service in God’s world. 

If you could do one thing to increase SCS’ visibility in the community, what would it be? 

Many in the community already think of our school as a fantastic option for a Christian education.  I would like to see our school increase its reputation in the community as the premier option in Sheboygan County for superior academic excellence and educational outcomes. 

Why did you accept to be nominated for the School Board? 

I love the Lord, I love my family, and I love our school.  I would like to be a servant on the board to support, enhance and grow the mission of our school.  I have a very collaborative leadership style that is process driven and outcome focused that I feel is well suited to school board membership.