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Hear Why So Many People Love SCS!


"My favorite thing about SCCHS is the Christ centered education" - Current Grandparent

"My favorite thing is that Christ comes first...the list stretches on from there" - Current Parent

"We’re excited to become part of the SCS family. We have a daughter starting kindergarten this year. We have been welcomed by everyone and really enjoyed the day we spent touring and observing." - New Parent

"My favorite thing about Scchs when I when I was a student there was that we weren’t just a student body we were a community that worshiped together and prayed for each other on a daily basis" - SCS Alumni

"As an alumni and currently a parent, I love where we are right the brink of a potentially awesome new adventure as a school!" - SCS Parent and Alumni

"My favorite thing about SCS is the love the teachers have for the students! I love the heritage of the dad was the building chairman when Christian High was built, my sister was in the first graduating class, I was in the fifth, and all our children graduated from SCCHS!!! Praising God!" - SCS Alumni and Supporter

"My favorite thing about SCCS is how welcoming the entire school community has been to our family and our daughter who is transferring there this year " - New Parent

"I love having my Grandson attend. It helps give him a firm foundation for life." - SCS Grandparent