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Hear Why So Many People Love SCS!


"My favorite thing about SCS is the Christ centered education" - Current Grandparent

"We love that SCS echos our values, choices, and beliefs as parents.  Knowing that our children's education is Christ-centered allows our kids to hear the message at home and at school as they are building their faith before entering the adult world." -Current Parent

"We love the Biblical perspective in our daughters education.  We love the smaller class sizes.  We feel like we're part of a family, not just a school." -New Parent

"My favorite thing about Sheboygan Christian High School when I was a student there was that we weren't just a student body we were a community that worshiped together and prayed for each other on a daily basis" -Alumnus

"I tell other parents all of the time to think about the big picture.  If a solid faith is important to their children, as well as a high quality education, SCS is, hands down, the BEST option.  In addition to the Christian education, we have something that I believe is unique to our school.  Our staff doesn't just teach our kids.  They invest into their lives.  Smaller class sizes mean that if my child is slipping in something, not only to I get notified right away, but by the time I sit down with the teacher or administration, they already have it handled, and in a way that shows that they genuinely care about my child." -Current Parent & Alumnus

"My favorite thing about SCS is the love the teachers have for the students! I love the heritage of the dad was the building chairman when Christian High was built, my sister was in the first graduating class, I was in the fifth, and all our children graduated from Sheboygan Christian High School!!! Praising God!" -Alumnus and Supporter

"We feel encouraged, as parents, knowing the teachers care for our kids hearts as well as their minds.  We enjoy hearing how teachers are impacting and shaping the way they look at God's Kingdom.  We are thrilled they are being challenged in their knowledge as well as their relationships with others." -Current Parent

"I love having my Grandson attend. It helps give him a firm foundation for life." -Current Grandparent

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