SCS Stories: Weber Family

Koj nyiam dab tsi txog Sheboygan Christian School?
The unity, love among the parents, staff and students.

Vim li cas koj thiaj xaiv Sheboygan Christian School rau koj cov menyuam?
We chose SCS because we saw the connection (spiritually, emotionally and physically) between the teachers & staff with the students. Being a volunteer for the Bread Basket, I was able to get a glimpse of the interaction every week and it drew me to want to know more about SCS. Finding out that they start the day off with prayer and have monthly worship was mind-blowing, as well as being faith based. Our hope and prayer is that our children are raised in a Christ centered home and school.  SCS was a piece needed for our lives. We are so happy with SCS!

Koj puas tau pom koj cov menyuam loj hlob hauv lawv txoj kev ntseeg raws li lawv qhov kev paub dhau los ntawm SCS?
They want more of Christ, their lives hunger for more of Him, and they’ve been able to grow in their knowledge of the Bible.

Koj puas tau pom koj cov menyuam loj hlob hauv kev kawm raws li lawv qhov kev paub hauv SCS?
We have seen them flourish. Being in a smaller school, they’re able to ask more questions, get more help and understand better. We’ve seen a huge change in grades (increased) and interacting more academically.

Ib qho ntawm peb qhov tseem ceeb yog kev sib koom tes. SCS koom tes nrog koj tsev neeg li cas los txhawb nqa thiab cob qhia koj cov menyuam?
SCS presents the gospel with education. At first, we questioned how this would be done, but our kids come home with what is taught, and now they/we can apply it to their lives.

Dab tsi ua rau SCS sib nrug ntawm lwm lub tsev kawm ntawv?
The leadership, being that SCS does not tolerate what other schools would. We’ve seen SCS handle behavior in ways other schools never have. Most importantly, God is in the midst of the school. Without God our children, our family, our community is not as it should be.  SCS definitely demonstrates God being the center.

Koj yuav hais li cas rau tsev neeg yav tom ntej uas xav mus kawm hauv Sheboygan Christian School?
I would encourage them to shadow.  That is how our family fell in love!